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Man ate only at McDonald’s for 3 months and lost weight to prove “it’s our choices that make us fat”

January 8, 2014 | By Abraham | 7 comments

A 279-pound science teacher in Iowa recently let himself be the subject of his student’s experimentation. Does McDonald’s make you fat? The Colo-Nesco High School students decided to find out using their teacher John Cisna as their guinea pig.

Mcdonalds Burgers

Unlike the infamous documentary Supersize Me, Cisna and his students planned his exclusive McDonald’s diet according to 3 simple rules that we already know are important elements of a healthy lifestyle…

  1. He would only consume 2,000 calories a day.
  2. He would mix and match menu items in order to follow the FDA’s daily nutritional guidelines.
  3. He would exercise.

If he followed these rules and still got fatter, it would be McDonald’s fault.

The three students involved in the project took responsibility for the first two rules, planning Cisna’s daily meals in order to keep the total to fewer than 2,000 calories and maintain a balance of nutrients. Then the exercise, rule #3, was up to him.

He started only eating at McDonald’s and walking for 45 minutes every day.

Together the students and teacher tracked his intake and his weight, and after 90 days he’d lost 37 pounds and his cholesterol had dropped from 279 to 170.

John Cisna's McDonald's Diet

His conclusion is simple and blunt like you’d expect a Middle-American high school science teacher to be…

It’s our choices that make us fat, not McDonald’s.

The local McDonald’s manager was not surprised at the results. He had been sure enough beforehand that the experiment would swing his way that he gave Cisna all his meals for free.

(via Sploid)

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  1. Brendt Wayne Waters says:

    I used to think that Morgan Spurlock was the next P T Barnum, as he actually convinced people to give him money to tell them the obscenely obvious. (I was looking forward to his next documentary about how jumping in a pool can make you wet.)

    Now we find out that he wasn’t even right.

  2. Chris says:

    There are more crucial health indicators than weight and cholesterol.

    Blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.

    This is aside from how educated and accessible our “choices” of food can be. Let’s just LIVE healthy, not just eat healthy.

  3. zlowrie says:

    the only exercise i have time for is the walk from my car in the parking lot to the door of mcdo’s for those deliciously golden french fries. well, i take that back, i walk back to my car.

  4. Richard Phillips says:

    I’ve primarily eaten McDonald’s for lunch for the last 6 months because it is affordable and I can ensure the calorie count for lunch I’m aiming for. I’ve lost 46 lbs since May.

  5. Slayerwulfe (@slayerwulfe) says:

    he’s still fat, his problem has not been resolved. his wallet’s been trimmed though. you can or may buy turkey,bread etc. at the local food seller of your choice cheaper. a science teacher in Iowa ! i’m impressed ? more than if he was economics.

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