Man cuddles and plays with a lioness and her brand new cubs

April 5, 2012 | By Abraham | 9 comments

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  1. Cindy says:

    They have a very unusual loving relationship. Are they sure it is that male lion’s cubs? I thought I heard a cub say “daddy”.

  2. lyndy says:

    The lioness is so beautiful and I really enjoyed watching the video You are A lucky man to be able to be so close to her and her babies.God bless you for caring for the majestic creatures.It is really good that you said you didn`t want to overstay your welcome.You obviously know what you are doing and I for one thank you for having such A big heart in caring for Gods magnificent creatures. We need more men like you on this planet.What A sexy man you are.

  3. Cyndi Hobson says:

    This is so loving, the lioness is so gentle and the cubs are absolutely adorable. When they play with each other it is a sight to behold!!

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