Man hugs and snuggles wild lions and hyenas | 22 Words

Man hugs and snuggles wild lions and hyenas

By Molly

Kevin Richardson, aka “The Lion Whisperer,” is a self-taught animal behaviorist who has been working with lions for the past 16 years. He’s also a filmmaker and conservationist, spearheading major conservation efforts in South Africa to protect lions and other predatory species.

He specializes in lions and hyenas, and this amazing video has some of the best up-close footage of these animals you’ve ever seen…

It’s over 14 minutes long, so here are some highlights in case you want to skip around…

  • :42 Lions bound out of the grass to jump on him.
  • 2:00 The most majestic hug ever.
  • 2:25 Chin scratches all around.
  • 3:57 Lion licks his face.
  • 6:00 – 8:20 Richardson explains hyena society and introduces the pack.
  • 9:50 Lion breaks a side view mirror off, then several chase the vehicle.
  • 10:40 Richardson explains how he created these unusual relationships.


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