Man proposes to his girlfriend by writing a children’s book about him proposing [11 pictures]

Aug 19, 2013 By Abraham 10

In an incredible display of adorable creativity, redditor ppaul9 wrote a children’s book about his relationship with his girlfriend in order to propose to her. After having it illustrated by artist Yoni Limor and printed, he worked with a covert photographer who stuck the book in the kids section of their local library and then waited behind some shelves to document the proposal.

While they were on a date, the couple stopped at the library to return some books and check out some more for the girlfriend’s nieces and nephews. The boyfriend pulled out his book, told her it looked like a good one, and asked her to read it to him.

Children's Book Proposal

When she got to the page in the story about the gorilla proposing to the giraffe in a library, he got down on one knee and replicated the scene in real life.

Front Cover

Children's Book Proposal - 01

The Story

Children's Book Proposal - 02

There once was a gorilla
That fell for a giraffe.
She surprised him by how much
She could make him laugh.

Children's Book Proposal - 03

The two, you see,
Were from different worlds
Their first date, so nervous,
He’d certainly hurl.

Children's Book Proposal - 04

In spite of their differences,
It was love at first sight.
His feelings grew quickly,
His heart took to flight.

Children's Book Proposal - 05

The gorilla, his life,
Unpolished and scattered
Now refined and focused
On those things that matter.

Children's Book Proposal - 06

There were simply no words
For how lucky he’d gotten.
Without her by his side
Life would surely be rotten.

Children's Book Proposal - 07

It’s hard to believe
Just how happy they were.
He could not imagine
Even one day without her.

Children's Book Proposal - 08

So he got on one knee
And uttered the plea:
“My dearest giraffe,
Will you marry me?”

Children's Book Proposal - 09

He felt his heart beating
Right out of his chest.
He could do nothing but wait
And hope she’d say YES.

Children's Book Proposal - 10

When she finally answered
He could not stop grinning
Because he knew, in his heart,
This was just The Beginning!

She said yes. How could she not?


  1. JP says:

    That’s cool, but son, you’ve set the bar way too high to be starting out like this. Every year you’ll have to think of something cooler than the year before and it’s only going to get tougher and tougher. This is what you lead up to over 50 years not start out with. You have made one big mistake….

    Congrats :-D

    1. Babs says:

      I hear what you’re saying, JP, but I think proposals don’t fall under that rule. I think that’s just an anniversary rule. There will only be one proposal, so no need to top it. IMHO

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