Man raises stray duckling, mothering it with his beard [9 pictures]

By Rob Toledo

Recently, Brian, an animal lover from Ohio, incubated some eggs so he could raise chickens. But it turns out one was actually a duck. Not sure what to do with it, he took it upon himself to raise the little duckling himself.

Since the bird didn’t have a mother’s wing to nestle into, Brian’s beard had to suffice. It’s been a successful journey thus far, and the pictures are ridiculous…ly adorable.

beard nest (9)

Duck and beard

beard nest (1)

beard nest (2)

beard nest (3)

beard nest (7)

Over the course of a few weeks, the duckling outgrew his beard…

beard nest (4)

But it still likes to hang out in close proximity to its “mother.”

beard nest (5)

beard nest (6)

And fortunately, the beard won’t be empty for long. He says there are three more eggs waiting to hatch.

(via Reddit)