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Man rescues a cat from a boa constrictor

Jun 17, 2013 By Abraham

At a hotel in Costa Rica, some travelers heard plaintive mewing in nearby bushes. There they found a cat helpless in the clutches of a boa constrictor. With a bit of patient and brave effort, one of the men was able to set it free and save its life…


  1. Cristina says:

    I’m full of questions! Did the cat get an infection from the bite? Was the cat ok? Did the guy kill the snake? (I hope both cat and snake were okay in the end.)

    That was a pretty big cat for such a small snake.

    This was truly horrifying, I would have been too scared to touch the boa!

    1. Katie says:

      You know, I am not sure boas bite, at least until the prey is dead. I think they kill it by just suffocating it. If the cat did get a bite, maybe it wasn’t poisonous…

      Are boas usually that small? I have these horrific pictures in my mind of them wrapping around grown adults and killing them, but maybe I am thinking of a different snake…

      1. Cristina says:

        I think you’re right Katie, but it seemed as though the guy was prying the boa’s mouth off one of the cat parts. Boas aren’t poisonous but snake bites carry all sorts of salmonella and hideous infectious bacteria.

        Maybe it was a young boa. In any case, I hope the guy didn’t kill the boa. People kill snakes just for the fun of it.

      2. Tink says:

        Even boas start off small! But I’m more worried by the fact kitty was limping away. I would have taken it to a shelter, but I don’t know if they had access to one. I hope both snake and kitty were ok.

  2. Liam Burns says:

    So unfair. Interfering with nature. I hope he found something to replace the meal that the boa just lost. Oh, it’s OK for the boa to eat a rat or mouse because they’re not cute and cuddly, but a kitten is off limits? Nature is not always pretty or fair.

    1. James says:

      Oh pleeease.

      The boa will be just fine… and there’s nothing wrong with rescuing a meal from a predator… I suspect your an animal rights person, you’ve probably done it to humans!
      And yea, imagine that, some creatures are more likable than other ones. I suppose you’re just as happy to kill a golden retriever as a mosquito?

      You are ridiculous.

    2. Tink says:

      If a boa eats a kid, that’s still technically nature. People dying of cholera, also nature. Yeah, I’m all for balanced ecosystems, but nobody should have to stand by and watch suffering they feel they can help. They’re ordinary people, not scientists or explorers out there to record nature at its most visceral. I can see the argument for not intervening in certain cases (predators have to eat, after all), but would you want your pet to be eaten by predators to maintain the balance? Probably not. I think they did the right thing in this case.

  3. Pete says:

    Hard to say for sure but that cat looked pretty feral in the video.

    Cats are natures perfect killing machines when you look at them.

    1. Tink says:

      Even that’s hard to say. Kitty could have been young, or simply may not have the luxury of an owner who can keep them to the high standards we can in the West. Even a lot of pet cats are pretty poorly off in a lot of countries.

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