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Maps showing how Americans feel about different states in the U.S. [15 pictures]

Aug 22, 2013 By Abraham

The folks at Business Insider recently surveyed 1603 people from across the country, asking them how they feel about different states here in the United States. Respondents answered each question with a state different than their own.

Here are a few maps that visualize the responses. The darker the state, the more votes it received…

How Americans Feel About Other States - 04

How Americans Feel About Other States - 05

How Americans Feel About Other States - 01

How Americans Feel About Other States - 02

How Americans Feel About Other States - 03

How Americans Feel About Other States - 09

How Americans Feel About Other States - 10

How Americans Feel About Other States - 12

How Americans Feel About Other States - 14

How Americans Feel About Other States - 15

How Americans Feel About Other States - 16

How Americans Feel About Other States - 17

How Americans Feel About Other States - 21

How Americans Feel About Other States - 22

How Americans Feel About Other States - 20

(via Liberally Lean)


  1. Ryan says:

    Insert arrogant natives of Texas who will wear these responses with pride and insist they’re somehow more “evolved” than everyone else.

    1. Justin says:

      Actually, the people I see claiming themselves to be “more evolved” than everyone else tend to be from California.

        1. Lou says:

          There are no longer any hippies.
          The hippies died out a long time a go.
          Those claiming to be hippies are most often transplants from Southern California, funny enough, or they’ve come down from Oregon, for some crazy reason. Northern Californians just don’t want to deal with cities. :-p

          1. mod.u says:

            Meh. As the 60s came to a close, the hippies migrated to Oregon and retired there.
            Some of their children, and children’s children have unfortunately been imprinted with flotsam from hippy culture.

          2. Leigh says:

            The hippies haven’t died out, not yet. They’re all hiding in Tennessee. Fairly close to Waverly. Which might be why Tennessee is such a politically bipolar state.

    2. Mike says:

      Nonesuch person exists, for they would first have to believe in evolution in order to think themselves ‘more evolved’ and this is Texans you’re talking about.

      1. Kyle says:

        Nah, not true. I’m a Texan and I can believe these results. Fortunately I reside in one of the only two blue counties in North Texas.

    3. Rita says:

      You would never understand Texas,we have a reason to be arrogant about our state. THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS IS THE GREATEST STATE THERE IS,PERIOD end of discussion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Dawn says:


        Please ! dont y ell….. I dont like Texas so.. You have to understand not everyone likes Texas you cant expect everyone to like or love Texas. we have our own taste and our experiences are different.

        1. Jackie says:

          I personally feel people who dislike Texas so much just haven’t been to the right place. I’m a Texan and I personally can’t stand the area I live in, which initially made me not like Texas. However, once I moved around a bit and experienced different cities, I felt differently. People who dislike Texas just haven’t seen or experienced enough of it’s diversity. Some cities/towns are terrible while others are not. A lot of places here in Texas have different atmospheres; you just have to find one that suites you.

          1. Corey says:

            Likewise. I despised the part of Texas I grew up in but then proceeded to live in two other cities across the state, which I fell in love with. I live in NYC now and am regularly homesick for Central and Southwest.

            Everyone that hates on Texas has not been to or seen its heart. Once they do, they always change their mind.

          1. S.Stern says:

            the best thing about texas is doing 85 MPH and heading west until you’re out of it! XD

    4. Ken says:

      I doubt many of those respondents of the survey have actually been to Texas. Mountains, beaches, forests, Tex-Mex food, friendly people, etc. Texas = friends. Come down and visit.

      1. Steven says:

        Rick Perry, George W Bush, fundo-christians, owned and run by oil companies, how many innocents does Texas execute per year? Sure is a great state…

        1. Faith Bowling says:

          The only pure innocents are the unborn population, and so does more of these humans get executed per year than any other state?

          1. S.Stern says:

            funny that the pro lifers only seem to care about the fetus but let the child starve…..

        2. Anitsisqua says:

          George W Bush is from Connecticut.

          Also, every person executed has been give a fair trial, a chance to appeal, and sufficient time for any new evidence to be presented. How many innocents does your state imprison for life?

  2. Jeff says:

    Under “Which state would you like to see kicked out of America?” Texas got the most votes because everyone in Texas voted for Texas….

        1. O'rly? says:

          Well, Dwerenat… a lot of dem Texas text books probably dun found dere way into your local school system. Buying 48 million at a time will kinda do that.

          1. bta says:

            Here we go again (9.9) <- moderate sick of people who can't have a single thread without inane political slurs.

  3. Fully says:

    I am a Texan and a liberal. So while the liberal in me understands why we scored this way.

    The Texan says “**** ya’ll and the public transportation you rode in on.”

    If you want someone to vote for their own economic suicide by convincing them it is somehow more “Godly” or “American” sure…a Texan might be a good choice.

    But if you ever need someone to help you, on short notice at great personal sacrifice. A Texan is a good choice for that too.

    1. bta says:

      The maps even say so – very odd that it’s the hated state, the state that should leave and also the nicest state. I think we have some cognitive dissonance here.

  4. Lauren says:

    Why do I get the feeling that this is biased? Or that the audience surveyed was pretty liberal? So much hate against rural areas and southern states.

    1. Justin says:

      That’s how it usually goes. Red and Blue states may as well be in different countries, in regards to how they view one another.

    2. JC says:

      What does being liberal have to do with it? I think you are rushing to stereotypes because the answer to your question is convenient. States don’t come in colors, by the way. It’s about one’s experiences.

      1. Ebicious says:

        Not sure what planet you’re living on but it absolutely has to do with political stereotypes and yes, states obviously do come in colors — red and blue. I saw the first two maps and knew without a doubt why people were voting the way they were

    1. Matt says:

      Actually, Michelle is right. 1603 divided by 50 states and compared to the rest of the population isn’t enough.

  5. Brandon says:

    I wear these responses with pride and this goes to show we are definitely a more evolved and better state than the rest of the union. I love Texas so much. Long live The Republic of Texas, y’all!

  6. Dad says:

    lol – Most Texans would love for them to kick us out. In fact, if they don’t hurry, we may beat them to it!

    1. Joe says:

      California too. After all, then those of us in Colorado and Arizona would no longer have to let them have our water. :-D
      And the people in California’s houses of Senate and Representatives could write any laws they want, regardless of Federal laws. Win-win for everyone! Although it would be weird to see a California Republican Army uniform emblem…

    2. B says:

      If you’re not hated or loved for something, you’re not doing something right. Texas is hated because it doesn’t succum to politial correctness and stands strong on its values.

  7. Thor7 says:

    I didn’t realize people hated Texas so much. I mean, I can see why they might not be people’s favorite, but I didn’t anticipate such animosity towards it.

    In other news, people clearly need to visit Minnesota more so they’ll know how awesome it is.

    1. heymanj says:

      George Bush and Rick Perry are from Texas, therefore people outside of Texas have their reasons for wanting Texas out of the Union. On the other hand, people who live in Texas will be just a glad to leave…

      1. Corey says:

        LBJ was from Texas, too. And have you ever heard the name “Ann Richards”? Sorry if that burst your black-and-white bubble.

    2. rosesryellow says:

      Our kids are in Minnesota, on a visit to TX our daughter left a store laughing. I asked what was so funny and she told me the clerk in the store was so kind she didn’t know how to act. She also mentioned how friendly everyone was. I asked why that was funny, she said in MN people were so rude and mean it took some adjustment on her part to get used to the friendliness of Texans.

      I didn’t remember MN being as rude as she described, I had lived there for 5 years. On our next visit with her I experienced the rude people she described and was heart broken to find what she said was true.

      When we judge one another based solely on politics we get a very skewed picture on truth. I have been blessed to travel to many parts of the country, and a few outside of the country. I have found wonderful people and lovely scenery everywhere I have gone. We have so much more in common than we see on the news. There is so much goodness in the USA, it is very sad we let surveys, politics and news define us. Allowing a few talking points describe the entirety of a nation feels very narrow to me. I hope we aren’t really that narrow minded.

  8. K says:

    I’m so glad I was born and live in Colorado. One of the most favorite, it doesn’t have the best food, but clearly no where near the worst. It has the most beautiful scenery, one of the best vacation spots, one of the nicest and smartest, which in turn makes it one of the most underrated. Best state in America! We’re a Mile High above the rest, literally. And weed is legal here :P

      1. Jack H says:

        For those who haven’t heard:
        Washington State just passed both laws – gay marriage and legalized marijuana.
        The fact that gay marriage and marijuana were legalized on the same day
        makes perfect biblical sense because Leviticus 20:13 says,
        “If a man lies with another man they should be stoned.”
        We just hadn’t interpreted it correctly before!

      1. (Other)Joe says:

        Only if you go hunting them down. I live in Colorado Springs and it’s military heaven so don’t be shocked to see mixed couples yet oddly you do see gays as well even though the service looks down on that. All sorts from secular Rand worshipers, to left-wing pot growers. One thing in common is an ironic mistrust of the Federal Government. Probably cynical because of who they worked for in their youth? :) Sadly, we do have the nannies from California and know-nothings from Texas as well. :(

        1. bta says:

          There’s a certain innate bias – not necessarily toward liberals but toward people literate enough to take the test – it does not say how Business Insider selected for its poll respondents, but given the source one might assume contacts garnered from populations with heavier computer use or communications. The least educated states in the poll results are those which have some of the most serious public education issues in the country, but some of the other responses likely build on a conflation of fact with emotion and hearsay – surely the historical view of Texans wishing to secede, a certain degree of jealousy over the resources held by Texas, and even opposing viewpoints of the “forward” or “backward” nature of a state with wide swaths between massive air-conditioned cities could come together to make for a negative vote even though each one is of itself a modest reason held by differing individuals. “Weirdest accent” is utterly subjective. Someone else here noted the wide difference between Southern and Northern California as well – the poll is best taken as a gauge of our national myths and assumptions more than our national reality.

          1. bta says:

            Sorry, “posting too fast” error from the site just led to that popping up on the wrong thread. Yerg… On Colorado I’d just note we keep most of the evangelicals penned in a corral in Colorado Springs. One of the reasons for Texas (and California) hate here is that so many have moved in and skewed our traditional conservatism (stay the heck out of my bedroom and I’ll stay out of yours, don’t steal my horses and we’ll be fine) into right-wing conservatism which is a lot more nosy. Most of our California immigration has been from conservative-leaning populations so it’s really changed our political demographic in the past thirty years.

    1. you're kidding,right? says:

      You’re right about people in NYC being different from the rest of the state but, we’re only rude to ass**les. Everyone that comes to NYC comments on how nice, polite, and considerate we are and what a nice surprise it is compared to what they were expected due to the old cliches. So, if you come to NYC and meet a rude person they are either a) having a bad day b) annoyed with your ignorant behavior c) from somewhere else.

      1. Bruce Alan Wilson says:

        New Yorkers tend to be very polite and helpful. When you have that many people living in such close proximity to one another, that makes perfect sense. But they also don’t suffer fools patiently, and if you are one they will tell you so straight up.

  9. Zigz says:

    It’s funny, I’d be willing to be the majority of the responses were from liberals…what makes it funny is most of those morons probably don’t realize the huge shift Texas if going through in terms of becoming increasing liberal. Just goes to show how stupid and hateful everyone is (not from Texas, by the way).

      1. rosesryellow says:

        Funny how many people really do base an opinion on a typo or poor grammar. I have met brilliant people who write poorly. I try to save my judgement by the way folks treat one another.

  10. Bee says:

    Okay, I’m not from TX, but people are way to vigorous in their hatred of it. That said, I despise both Cali and FL, completely and vigorously. They are certainly the most overrated states in the country. Additionally, I hardly encountered any rudeness in NY or NYC, but the rudeness in Chicago is epidemic and just terrible. So, I’d rate IL, based on Chi, as the rudest and then I’d throw in FL for good measure. Furthermore, the nicest place I have ever visited is definitely MN (Minneapolis/St. Paul) and WA (Seattle), as well as Philly, PA (surprisingly enough). I would say the best food, hands down, is in Louisiana, but I’d throw in the whole west coast as well because the Asian food and seafood there is to die for. NY sucks in terms of food, and I’m not sure why NYers think they have the country’s best food. Finally, I can’t believe AR (my home state) didn’t come up as a top choice for scenery – had any of these surveyed people even visited Arkansas or heard of the Ozarks and our amazing rivers?

    1. you're kidding,right? says:

      According to this it’s not just NYers who think we have the best food but people from other states as well. And technically, we do. If you count variety, authenticity, and top-rated restaurants. I agree that Louisiana has great food, absolutely, but it’s kind of a one- or two- trick pony. I’ll give you you’re amazing scenery but someone from Arkansas can’t talk to anyone about where to find the best food. Let’s be real.

    2. Kae says:

      I have to agree with you…the food in New Orleans was incredible, quirky and diverse. In three days, I got to eat everything from caviar to gelato to home-made pork rinds. Add in the ambience, and…gee, I love that city.

      And Arkansas is gorgeous…not made for those with a fear of spiders, but definitely NOT what I was expecting when I flew down for a friend’s wedding. That said, I think it’s sad that people don’t realize how gorgeous Michigan is–unfortunately, it appears that people just think “crumbling industrial cities with rotting infrastructure” instead of “rivers, waterfalls, beaches, trees, and rock formations.” *sigh* How ’bout I vote for your state and you can vote for mine?

  11. Chris says:

    That was fun to read. I’m sure the vote for NY food was mostly about the fancy restaurants in NYC but if anyone wants to try (in my opinion) some of the best food ever, head to upstate NY this fall. The entire state pretty much shifts gears to autumn food mode, what with the dozens of varieties of apples (cider!), squash, grapes, craft beers, maple syrup, sweet corn, nuts, and other amazing harvest foods.

  12. m.kinger says:

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  13. Elizabeth says:

    It’s funny how many people said Minnesota had a weird accent… I moved there from California and there was hardly a difference. Disney really needs to stop cracking Viking jokes.

    1. Kae says:

      What I discovered in the four years that I lived in Minnesota is that what people think is a Minnesota accent is really a North Dakota accent…apparently we also saw the Coen brothers’ movie and thought “Fargo” was somewhere near the Twin Cities.

  14. justin says:

    I would like to know how the “worst food” question was stated to arrive at Mississippi’s winning of that category. If the question were, “Which state has the least healthy food?” then I could certainly see my state won that vote. But if the question were, “Which state’s local delicacies taste the best?” well, then I’d have to assume that 1603 of those voting had never been to Parlor Market (http://parlormarket.com/) or the Ravine restaurant in Oxford (http://www.oxfordravine.com/).

  15. Pamela says:

    Nicest people from Minnesota? Have you heard of “Minnesota Nice?” That means, they aren’t really being nice but mocking you behind their smiles.
    A lot of hatred towards Alabama and Mississippi… shows how much people don’t really know about these states.

  16. Tyson says:

    Haters gonna hate! Texas Forever Forever Texas! Oh and please kick us out! We are the only state that people are flawking to in droves… Why? Cause we dont tax the hell out of businesses and we believe in liberty and freedom. Come get you some, but leave you liberal views back at home cause you wont last long… unless you live in Austin… I hear they have good bridges to live under!

    1. Laura says:

      No, you are not the only state people are flocking to: North Dakota!

      I lived in Texas for a few years and the food is great there, but the people are hit and miss as with everywhere. Texas is no better than any other state, and the reason you people are hated is due to your arrogance.

      I didn’t really get into politics back then, but I was baffled by the mega churches when your state has one of the highest poverty levels in the country. You (TX as a whole) claim christianity, but that is not what you practice (hypocrisy).

      I liked living in TX, but it was nothing special.

      1. rosesryellow says:

        I have lived in TX most of my life and have to agree with you. The problem with many Texans is we don’t leave the state enough so we can see there is good and bad everywhere you go. Texas rates horribly in so many very important areas, schools, poverty,, healthcare, low wages, so much more. Saddest of all is the state of denial so many of us live in due to the arrogance many cling to.

        There is a shift coming though. Bringing all the new business to the state means bringing a change of political attitude. I look forward to the state turning purple and it is well on the way.

  17. Libertarian says:

    Texas turning liberal. Ha. Hardly. Libertarian. Sure. But not liberal. Funny comments.

    By tbe way. My whole thought was the rest of the union can suck it.

  18. Killabeez says:

    I am from WV and I LOVE this survey…lol. I am sure many peoples ‘educated opinion’ on various states is actually ‘uneducated’ and comes from what they have heard from other people, the media, etc. We in West Virginia know most of the stories…we started them to keep some travelers out! But, it did not work.Our tourism industry thanks you all for your lovely greenbacks! We are not the dumbest…many intelligent people are from here (think of ‘Rocket Boys’ Homer Hickam among others that have hailed from these hills. We are called the Mountain State…but, really, we just have very big hills. And, this is one reason we make fun of people from our ‘flat’ neighbor Ohio, and say that many of them cannot drive here due to the hills. But, we also got most of that info from another source lol ). Many talented too (think Bill Withers for one to a begin a fairly impressive list). Beautiful scenery (it rated NOT AT ALL in this survey)….there is a reason it is referred to as ‘Almost Heaven, West Virginia’. Food must be great…we always hear how ‘obese’ the population here is…(another misnomer). At any rate, I hear a lot about ALL the states and the peccadillo’s of the citizens in them. Working for Holiday Inn for 30 plus years, I saw some first hand…good and very bad (like the comment ‘What part of Virginia is this?’ Ignorant people in this day and age…lol. I always replied ‘Since 1863, NO PART of Virgina, and they also abolished slavery too. Maybe you heard of Lincoln?’ That is how you handle ignorant jerks). At any rate, say what you will about WV, or any state, in this survey. It proves only one thing…gross ignorance about ALL the states and the ‘weird’ opinions (or just the low intelligence) some people have about them. Very hilarious survey though. Good for a laugh or two…and some new opinions of my own. :)

    1. Bruce Alan Wilson says:

      I didn’t grow up in WV, but my family are from WV. My grandfather was one of twelve children, and my father was one of ten. In both generations, most of them left as soon as they were old enough. Yes; there are smart people FROM West Virginia. (Father always said he thought it was ironic that his generation couldn’t get out of here fast enough, and here I am.)

  19. Bruce Alan Wilson says:

    I don’t get this Massachusetts accent that people think is weird. Western Massachusetts, Boston, and Cape Cod have totally different accents. Some people can even hear difference from different parts of Boston.

  20. Will Sullivan says:

    Being 4th generation Californian, I happy to see my adopted home state, Oregon, being amongst the most underrated and I hope it stays that way! Living in Alaska now after moving from Maine. I’m happy having lived in the most underrated states … keeps them from being over crowded.

  21. Stephen Bolling says:

    What a useless, divisive, harmful, hurtful and anti-American poll. The point of this poll was to divide people and get them to put down other states. All 50 states are amazing with amazing people and amazing things to see. I’ve traveled throughout the United States and all areas have beautiful scenery, wonderful local food, and friendly people. If someone hasn’t figured that out by now they haven’t been paying attention, and if one hasn’t been able to find those things they haven’t been trying. Collectively the United States is the most diverse country with regards to landscape, people and foods and spectacular within that diversity. We benefit and support each other by recognizing and celebrating all our great states.

    1. Carol says:

      Thank you Steven for saying this, I have visited many of these states and found lovely and gracious people everywhere, and beautiful scenery. I think places that don’t have a huge population or tourist industry are not as noticed. The mountains in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and New Mexico are every bit as lovely as the ones in Colorado, But fewer people have visited them. I think this is flyover syndrome, we don’t travel by car anymore and stop and talk and actually see the country.

  22. john says:

    I cant see how mississippi has the worst food. Maybe i could understand it as the worst healthy wise, but not based on taste. Southern cooking is next to none. And i live in colorado!!!

  23. YouareallIDIOTS says:

    Reasons to live in Texas: No corporate income tax, only a franchise tax. ERCOT. Much more freedom regarding firearms. No state income tax. We are laughing at the morons in other states that buy our exports. I will gladly live in Texas and visit other states with my excess profits reaped from residing in a more free state.

    1. Phuc Yaul says:

      And don’t forget that in Texas it is legal for cops to sell drugs, but illegal for you to buy them from them !

  24. YouareallIDIOTS says:

    Laura is baffled by the poverty in the state of Texas, even though there is a significant Christian population in Texas. I think she would rather see a law passed FORCING churchgoers to give some of their income to those considered living in poverty. Of course, that would serve to decrease the standard of living for those that had the money to give, but she probably doesn’t ever consider that. She probably also doesn’t consider just what living in poverty means. She probably doesn’t consider the fact that the US government designates what poverty is and isn’t. She also probably doesn’t consider the fact that the US government and state governments designate what the minimum wage is, in addition to many other stifling labor laws designed to garner votes for the politicians that espouse them. She probably doesn’t consider much. I just hope that she does it from another country, so that her ignorance has less of an influence here in the US.

  25. YouareallIDIOTS says:

    Texas is hot and dry and the geography is boring and sucks mostly. What sucks even worse than that is having your gun rights restricted and having EVEN more of your hard earned money stolen from you. One defends all the other rights, and one buys you the gun. This is why those two things are the targets of governments.

  26. DD says:

    People who voted against NJ have never been there. And the accent in New York! I travel extensively, and people ALWAYS ask about our bagels, pizza, pastrami, and Taylor Ham. Have you never seen the beauty of the pine barrens or the North Jersey forests? Or the Jersey shore?

  27. Tom says:

    I’m from northern MN (northern being anywhere north of St. Cloud). I could see where many would say MN has the weirdest accent. The further north you get, the longer the vowels and the harsher the T’s and D’s.

    My ‘accent’ is pretty tame but when I’m mad, drunk, mad and drunk, or talking with other Minnesotans, you can tell!

  28. bta says:

    Just a word of advice on food from Colorado – we have individual outstanding examples of just about every type of cuisine which are amazing, you have to find the right restaurants for each so ask the locals – but if you’re a tourist, please be advised that when you go to Casa Bonita, you buy the food to get in, you do *not* buy the food to eat. Eat the sopapillas instead. >.^

    1. CJ says:

      Please heed what this person says. I’m from Colorado. The only thing edible at Casa Bonita are the sopapillas. The rest of it should be buried in double hulled containers, in a salt mine with a distinct HAZMAT symbol stenciled on the side.

      Also, don’t go if you’re allergic to mariachi bands.

  29. Carrie says:

    It doesn’t make sense that every state bordering Idaho had “the best” scenery, yet smack in the middle it’s “the worst.” I grew up in Idaho, live in Washington, and have visited Oregon and Montana many times. The scenery is beautiful in all states, and very similar. This map tells me people haven’t been to Idaho (and other states) and are making assumptions.

  30. Pete says:

    Just how many Americans have visited all 50 states? How many have never left their own state? Interesting survey though.

  31. Sebastian says:

    but …. I like Texas ….. Aside from some bloated ego in the inhabitants ( I know a ton of Texans) it is a beautiful state. and as much as I like California it should go. It has become a cancer of this country infecting this country state by state with its insane ideals and rhetoric. soon to consume us all like a hungry Dallas Cowboys fan on all you can eat hot dog night!

  32. Bill says:

    We don’t say “hello” here if we don’t know ya
    The Texan style is not our cup,of tea
    We don’t say “how ya’ll doin” than execute ya
    But we are liberal and we really like our breed.

    I’m proud to be a Yankee from Winoski
    A place where even sailors have a squall
    They still talk of Gloria worst than Sandy
    And striped bass is still the biggest fish of all.

    From my song; “Proud to be a Yankee from Winoski”

  33. ReaganDiedinDiapers says:

    And the Texans take to this comment thread to prove why the rest of the country can’t stand them.

    Please, keep all your cowboy hat clad heads in the sand for a little longer. The quicker you suffocate the better for the rest of America.

  34. Bryan says:

    The population of the USA is over 300 million. This survey had 1603 participants. What was the distribution of the participants vs. the distribution of population by state in the USA? What is the margin of error on this survey if it is adjusted by how well or poorly it represented the population distribution of the USA?

    PS: Yes, everyone thinks googleVis is a fun toy.

  35. Hannah says:

    Everyone thinks California is overrated because a lot if people think of la when they think of Cali. Honestly there are much nicer and calmer areas. I honestly don’t care or la to much but I love San Francisco. Bay Area is a great place to grow up. And also Carmel and Santa Cruz are real nice cities to. Dot think California is all like la.

  36. Daniel says:

    Lol @ people saying Idaho has bad scenery. Has anyone who took this even been here? There’s a reason why every rich person from the “lovely” California buys a cabin up here.

  37. gern says:

    And it always amuses me to think of all the states that petitioned to secede from the US were also the ones who received the most government aid.

  38. Alaska Guy says:

    I don’t know why Alaska was ranked as having the worst food in the country. We’ve got some great restaurants (at least here in Anchorage), a hopping micro-brewery scene, and the BEST damned seafood in the world! Plus you can’t top breakfast with a side of Alaskan reindeer sausage.

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