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Mark Twain talks about meeting Helen Keller

Feb 28, 2011 By Abraham

In Mark Twain’s newly-released autobiography, he tells the story of meeting 14-year-old Helen Keller…

The guests were brought one after another and introduced to her.  As she shook hands with each she took her hand away and laid her fingers lightly against Miss Sullivan’s lips, who spoke against them the person’s name.   When a name was difficult, Miss Sullivan not only spoke it against Helen’s fingers but spelled it upon Helen’s hand with her own fingers – stenographically, apparently for the swiftness of the operation was suggestive of that.…

After a couple of hours spent very pleasantly, some one asked if Helen would remember the feel of the hands of the company after this considerable interval of time, and be able to discriminate the hands and name the possessors of them.  Miss Sullivan said “Oh she will have no difficulty about that.”  So the company filed past, shook hands in turn, and with each handshake Helen greeted the owner of the hand pleasantly and spoke the name that belonged to it without hesitation.



      1. Herman22 says:

        Nothing says classy like a mid-90s, Geocities-refugee web design. I can tell when I read jesus-is-savior.com that I am getting an unbiased account of the facts, and that none of it was written by paranoid-schizophrenic off his meds.

        It also turns out that 911 was an inside job perpetrated by the Illuminati and/or Jewish bankers. Thanks jesus-is-savior.com!

    1. AZ says:

      The website’s design gave me an eye sore -__-
      Also’ so freaking what if she was a commie? I thought since we are now in the future a little hindsight would show that communism wasn’t as bad as they showed it to be back in the days, the accusations on her in the website are also ridiculous.
      I mean seriously, in sign language for I love you: you have the devil horn+A THUMB!! If the sign didn’t have the thumb it would be a devil horn but WITH THE THUMB it becomes the first letters of i love you combined, see link below

  1. mike says:

    ohhh wow. america has some fu-nny people in existence. how dare she donate money to the national association for the advancement of colored people! clearly, she is spawn of satan. its so clear now.

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