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Massive Australian earthworm can grow up to 9 feet long [7 pictures]

Feb 11, 2013 By Abraham

The Giant Gippsland earthworm averages 3 feet in length, but has been seen as long as 9 feet. It is native to the clay soil along streams in Victoria, Australia. The worms take 5 years to mature and live for about 10, surprisingly long for invertebrates. Unlike other types of worm, the Giant Gippsland rarely, if ever, comes to the surface, but its location can be detected by the audible gurgling that their bodies make as they slither through their labyrinthine burrows.

(via Trasyy)


  1. Pspaughtamus says:

    Anyone else trying to figure how many fishing hooks you could bait with one of those worms? And what kind of fish you’d go for?

  2. Barb says:

    Well, it would just be criminal to kill them because with all the nuclear waste and unrecyclables being dumped in the ground, they have got their work cut out for them..

  3. Wormmy says:

    How fast can these possibly travel thru the ground? Do they have some kind of worm super-highway with a network of tunnels?

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