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Miley Cyrus videos a paparazzo while he takes pictures of her walking her dogs

Jan 31, 2013 By Abraham

While some dude was intrusively snapping this picture of Miley Cyrus…

…she was taking this video…

(via BuzzFeed)


  1. Beth says:

    So disturbing. Paparazzi are such creeps and should honestly be jailed for the outrageous things they do. These actors and other celebrities get enough photographs taken and enough invasion into their lives.

  2. Shayne says:

    Not defending the Miley Cyrus’s of the world, but we need new laws about the paparazzi. If the founders didn’t envision anything more than muskets, then can’t liberals concede that they didn’t envision the paparazzi either?

  3. juju says:

    Oh Boo HOO, Miley. Why don’t you trade it all in and go live in Wyoming where no one will bother you? Do you have any idea the problems real people have? Ill without healthcare, children whose only meals are the free lunches and breakfast at school,single mothers with handicapped children, the elderly who have lost their retirement because wall street traders sold them out. Cry me a river Miley-Why don’t you try a little grace and humility?

    1. Anthony says:

      Your argument is not even engaging the problem at hand. Handicapped children have nothing to do with paparazzi. No one here says this issue is on par with healthcare or the economy. Just because there are greater concerns does not mean that lesser concerns have no merit.

      1. Marci says:

        You’re completely right Anthony, it’s all about perspective. I’m sure there are people in other countries starving to death or living through horrible civil wars that would scoff at juju’s problems.

  4. Ken says:

    “Damn Paparazzi are like sooo creepy” (rushes out to buy another gossip magazine)

    That’s your problem, stop buying those sh!t magazines then this dude won’t have a job. Simples.

    1. bbweis says:

      Oops sorry… I meant to say “Sounds like she lost a few; some got run over by a car.” By Some, I mean her dogs.

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