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Millions of Australian spiders gather and spin new webs to escape flooding

Mar 7, 2012 By Abraham

From International Business Times

The flood is finally over for Wagga Wagga residents. However, damages of properties, loss of lives and injuries will remain in the memories of the people….

While everyone is looking at re-establishing properties, countless hairy-legged critters are busying rebuilding their homes.

To keep themselves away from the floodwater that swept through towns and nearby paddocks, native spiders found a way to secure themselves by flying up while spinning webs making homes to a higher ground.

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  1. The Owl Wood says:

    If I woke up and saw that scene outside my home I’d pass out. Ooh – I just did. Clonk. Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhhh! There aren’t enough rolled-up newspapers in the world! Send in the Army!

    One nightmare following on the heels of another.

    1. Rayne says:

      No way… I would seriously freak for a min… then get out the Raid or other spider killer… all the spiders in the vicinity of your home in one space…. easy kill. Safety to your house and kids and pets for quite some time…

  2. Katherine Hart says:

    This is so cool, I like arachnids, what incredible little critters. For all you silly arachnophobes, try living in a world without them, they keep down the biting insects; I bet there isn’t a biting insect with in miles of that field.

        1. Carr says:

          Very few *species* of which are poisonous. There could be tons of poisonous spiders out there if the area has an abundance of them.

  3. Zue says:

    That’s what I call working together… something we human could learn something from… I think it is awsome…

  4. Brooke says:

    I know spiders aren’t terribly harmful but they are still do creepy and gross! I would be terrified to see this in person!

  5. Tim Coates says:

    Try and keep up Abraham. :) Posted on my profile yesterday. It reminds me of the sci-fi story “Web” by John Wyndham.

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