20 Times Moms Had to Laugh Just to Keep From Crying | 22 Words

20 Times Moms Had to Laugh Just to Keep From Crying

By Megan Burgess

Motherhood presents us all with a constant flow of infinite and never-ending choices. Bottle feed or Breastfeed? When to wean and which formula? Sleep train or soothe? Work or stay home? Self-care or to-do list? Clean the kids or the house? We don't always get it right. In fact, sometimes, we just flat out fail.

But ultimately, there's really only one choice that defines us as parents. It's a choice that we're presented with every single day, all day. And sometimes, all night, too.

Cry or Laugh?

Somedays, a good cry is totally necessary. But other days, most days, we gotta just laugh at how perfectly we manage to fail at parenting. So when you're faced with the choice to laugh or cry- laugh, and we'll laugh with you (and at you, but in a totally loving way). And if you need to cry, by all means, let it out. But throw a little laughter in there at the end. You may appear visibly unstable, but what's new. You're a mom. You fail. And you happen to be totally awesome at it.

These 20 #momfails remind us to laugh not only at ourselves but also at each other, whenever possible.


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