Mom sends daughter to school in ugly clothes as consequence for bullying

By Abraham Piper


Recently, a mother in Murray, Utah got an email from her stepdaughter’s 4th-grade teacher that her child had been harassing another student for the last three weeks, making fun of that other student’s clothes. It had gotten to the point that the kid who she’d been bullying didn’t want to come to school anymore.

As soon as she heard about it, the mother spoke to her daughter but saw no remorse, so she decided to get more creative.

She took a trip to the thrift store and bought a few cheap clothes that she knew her daughter would hate. When the girl woke up the next morning a terrible outfit and old sneakers were laid out for her to wear…

Ugly Clothes as Punishment - 02

She wore the embarrassing ensembles for two days.

Of course, the child psychologist who was contacted for this story frowned on the mother’s approach, saying that it would lead to anger not empathy. But after the embarrassing two days, the daughter reported that she had heard kids talking about her behind her back and that she wasn’t going to make fun of other kids anymore, “because it’s stupid and it’s mean. It hurts them.”

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