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Monkey self-portrait

Jul 6, 2011 By Abraham

Photographer David Slater left his camera unattended for a bit at a national park in Indonesia. Soon a crested black macaque monkey found it and became intrigued by her reflection in the lens. Somehow she also figured out how to operate the camera, creating this spectacular self-portrait…

(via The Daily Mail, Kottke)


  1. Amber says:


    (Also…was this an actual professional photographer’s camera?? Pro level DSLR? if so, it’s amazing that monkey got the focus right!)

    1. Nicole says:

      That’s what I was thinking! It’s not like those are automatic.

      On second thought, what photographer would EVER leave a DSLR unattended???

      1. Matt R says:

        It could be a DSLR. They can easily be set to shoot in different modes (fully manual being one of them). If this is indeed real, and it was indeed a DSLR, it was most likely set to shoot on aperture priority. If it was either set to a short focal length or the monkey somehow adjusted the focal length, pointed the camera at him (her?)self and then snapped away, it would autofocus on the monkey (assuming the camera was set to either 1) focus on a centerpoint, or 2) had face recognition software) and snap the picture, resulting in the blurred background.

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