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The Daily Schedules of History’s Greatest Thinkers. See Who You Spend Your Time Like…

Apr 1, 2014 By Joey

Do you spend your days in a way that will push you to greatness? Let’s find out…

Mason Currey’s book Daily Rituals: How Artists Work uses diaries and letters of some of history’s greatest intellectuals, composers, writers, and inventors to determine how they spent each day. And then engineer and designer RJ Andrews took the results from Currey’s book and created these graphics for a simple visual illustration of each big thinker’s day.

The graphics are broken down into 24-hour periods with each person’s various activities color-coded in different categories…

Big Thinkers Time Management 01

Big Thinkers Time Management 02

The myriad ways in which these people spent their time serve as inspiration for how we spend our own days, or perhaps they simply prove that there’s no single method that works for every creator…

Big Thinkers Time Management 05

*               *               *

Big Thinkers Time Management 08


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