Must-watch reckless driving PSA with a twist ending

September 13, 2011 | By Abraham | 14 comments

This is making the rounds for good reason…

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  1. John Reinert Nash says:

    Nice, although “oh my God, that’s Hitler” is unnecessary dialog. The name of the PSA organization listed at the end of the spot makes up for it, though.

  2. anonymous moose says:

    I really shudder every time I see “the f bomb”. And I don’t mean fuck, I literally mean “the f bomb”. Seriously, people. It’s a commonly used word. If you take it so seriously that your warning signs go off every time you see it then, seriously, you can go fuck yourselves.

  3. brand says:

    When reading this post it reminded me of something I read the other month in a landrover Book, would there be any chance I could have the authors email address, Superb blog thanks for the infomation.

  4. Kathleen says:

    The F word is NOT commonly used everywhere. For me, it was used for extreme hateful anger, so I do cringe when I hear it. I hate the word.

    1. Andrew says:

      Then you probably need to mature a little and not let words affect you in such a way. It’s just four letters.

      Also, to paraphrase Stephen Fry, why should we find it so offensive? It’s a word that describes how we are made, the act of intercourse–something fun, something beautiful. The real words that we should hate, and yet strangely the ones with which we describe mundane daily events, and those like ‘torture’, and ‘suffering’. They’re the truly hateful words, yet how often to you hear someone say ‘the traffic was torture’?

      It’s an odd world we live in, eh?

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