Nancy Kerrigan Finally Breaks Her Silence About 'I, Tonya' | 22 Words

Nancy Kerrigan Finally Breaks Her Silence About ‘I, Tonya’

By Robin Zlotnick

All the award season buzz surrounding the movie I, Tonya has shone a bright spotlight back on Tonya Harding — the woman is pretty much everywhere you turn. The movie (starring Margot Robbie as Harding) paints the Olympic skater as an innocent victim, caught up in cycles of abuse and unaware of the plan to attack her figure-skating rival, Nancy Kerrigan. As I, Tonya gains steam on red carpets all over Hollywood, and Tonya Harding becomes a folk hero of sorts, there's one voice that's been missing in the conversation: Nancy Kerrigan's. But in a recent interview with The Boston Globe, Kerrigan reveals exactly what she thinks about I, Tonya and the renewed interest in the story that defined her past.


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