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Narration of what goes on inside a cat’s head all day

Nov 17, 2013 By Abraham

Unlike several million other people, I missed this video when Zefrank first posted it back in May. Fortunately, I’ve been able to remedy that. You too may want to watch it if you haven’t yet…

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A cat’s perspective on the ordeal of living with humans and what he expects in return


  1. Joyful says:

    i really think the “wetted” makes this one the bestest because our kitty does plink and then look at us like, “See, it needs a muddy paw to help help distinguish a water line….” and then goes ahead and tries once again.

  2. Karen Gibbs says:

    This is hilarious.I can just picture our cat Hannah the crying drama queen saying Dear diary I lost my ball under the fridge for the ninth time mom now refuses to get it out for the ninth time,Dear diary Hunter got 6 more pieces of dry food in his dish than I did it is clear mom loves him more,Dear diary mom is ignoring me as I drag my fishing pole towards her and scream.It is clear she is severley neglecting me.Dear diary mom tried to kill me by giving me a hot towel rub down this morning it is clear she doesn’t enjoy my beautiful multi colored fur flying up in her face.Lol Yes this would be our Hannah the drama queens diary.Hunters would be Dear diary will you please shut Hannah up she cries to much and I want to sleep.lol

  3. Adamc says:

    All cats know how to play piano ( if you leave the keyboard cover up )

    I posted on Facebook.. Cats day….

    Eat, sleep, Sun, Shred furniture… Repeat often

  4. Bobby Johnson says:

    Love it each time it re-appears. Every kitty has a few they could add. Happy Cat doesn’t understand why her human would rather sleep than provede a kitty snack at 4 AM.

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