New, nearly impenetrable border fence between Egypt and Israel [7 pictures]

By Abraham Piper


A 150-mile fence that Israel has rushed to complete over the last couple years is nearly finished. The deputy director general of the Defense Ministry, Bezalel Treiber says, “It is indeed a monster…. Seen from the Egyptian side, the fence overall is quite frightening.”…

A panoramic view of some of the border fence Israel has completed separating Israel from Egypt seen in a mountainous region of the desert in southern Israel. The border fence built to keep out African migrants, mainly seeking a better life in Israel.

African refugees sit on the ground behind a border fence after they attempted to cross illegally from Egypt into Israel…. Israel is stanching the flow of African migrants who have poured into the Jewish state by the tens of thousands, rapidly building a border fence….

Israeli soldiers are providing the group with water, but not allowing them into Israel.(AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

An Israeli solder passes a bottle of water through a border fence to an African migrant. (EPA/Yehuda Lahiani)

Lt.-Col. Tal Carmel, chief operations officer for the IDF’s 80th Division, points at the Egyptian border. Behind him is the new fence Israel is building along the border and the Egyptian military post which terrorists used as cover in August when attacking Israel. (Yaakov Katz)

(via HaaretzNBC, Vos Iz Neias,  The Jerusalem Post, Wikipedia)