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New, nearly impenetrable border fence between Egypt and Israel [7 pictures]

Jan 3, 2013 By Abraham

A 150-mile fence that Israel has rushed to complete over the last couple years is nearly finished. The deputy director general of the Defense Ministry, Bezalel Treiber says, “It is indeed a monster…. Seen from the Egyptian side, the fence overall is quite frightening.”…

A panoramic view of some of the border fence Israel has completed separating Israel from Egypt seen in a mountainous region of the desert in southern Israel. The border fence built to keep out African migrants, mainly seeking a better life in Israel.

African refugees sit on the ground behind a border fence after they attempted to cross illegally from Egypt into Israel…. Israel is stanching the flow of African migrants who have poured into the Jewish state by the tens of thousands, rapidly building a border fence….

Israeli soldiers are providing the group with water, but not allowing them into Israel.(AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

An Israeli solder passes a bottle of water through a border fence to an African migrant. (EPA/Yehuda Lahiani)

Lt.-Col. Tal Carmel, chief operations officer for the IDF’s 80th Division, points at the Egyptian border. Behind him is the new fence Israel is building along the border and the Egyptian military post which terrorists used as cover in August when attacking Israel. (Yaakov Katz)

(via HaaretzNBC, Vos Iz Neias,  The Jerusalem Post, Wikipedia)


  1. KristenS says:

    Good for them. Every country has the sovereign right to protect themselves and to decide who they permit to enter and take advantage of the opportunity and prosperity that they have created for their citizens.

  2. Ben says:

    America needs something like this…then wall off washington D.C. from the rest of us and we’ll all be good.

  3. B says:

    OK, so Israel got this done in a rush, but we (the U.S.) still haven’t managed to do something like this between America and Mexico? Looks like we could take some lessons from Israel on this one.

    1. Marci says:

      You think fences build themselves for free? Why don’t you look up the COST of building a fence like this and then multiply that by 13. Then maybe you’ll have an idea of why we haven’t “managed” to do something like this.

    2. Laura says:

      I live in El Paso, a border city Juarez is on the other side. There is a fence. It was built… 5-7yrs ago. It is huge. It covers a wide range…i can’t remember how far it goes but it covers the border here. Along with the Rio Grande.

  4. Ridiculous says:

    We sure could use something like this to keep those damn Canadians out, or shall I say “ooot.” Also, it’s ham, not bacon.

  5. anonymous moose says:

    I’m not sure where you get your information, but the Israeli propaganda got you fooled on this one. (I’m an Israeli Jew, if it makes a difference.) I’ll stick to the most glaring case in your post:

    You write “The border fence built to keep out African migrants, mainly seeking a better life in Israel.”. That’s very wrong. The people you speak of are in large part African regugees, from places like Sudan and Arithrea, for whom it is not safe to be in their countries. Many of them are fleeing from mandatory life-long army conscription, where they would be used as forced labourers; they are facing terrible punishments if they are back.

    Indeed, some of these Africans who attempt to cross into Israel are immigrants, not refugees. The only problem is that Israel would not recognize *any* of them as refugees, contrary to international treaties that Israel has signed. This practice of ignoring refugees is particularly gruesome taking into account the history of Israel and of the Jewish people.

    I can give some references if they are needed. The web-magazine 972 magazine is a good English-language resource on these topics.

    There are several more problems with your post. For example, the picture-caption “An Israeli solder passes a bottle of water through a border fence to an African migrant” seems incredibly cynical to those who know the details of the case (see for example here: http://972mag.com/what-happened-to-the-refugees-while-the-state-lied-and-the-court-dithered/55802/ ).

    I didn’t bother detailing here the claims of Israel about the whole refugee issue (mainly because I find these claims unconvincing) but if someone asks I’ll detail them here.

    1. goose says:

      There are physical limits. Small country like Israel cannot in any case take all migrants from Sudan, Erithrea, Ethiopia, Somali, Chad. And, really, you should blame relevant regimes for life-long conscription in Erithrea, or opression in Sudan. Not Israelis.

      1. anonymous moose says:

        Nice try, but the international treaties Israel is signed on actually detail how the refugees would be split among signees of these treaties. Israel doesn’t have to keep all of them. It just has to keep some of them, and that’s something Israel is reluctant to do becvause of the Jewish population’s racism.

        Of course I blame the relevant regimes. The whole world does. That’s why they are subject to sanctions, not recognized by international authorities, etc. . But blaming these regimes is not enough: there are refugees to take care of. Israel doesn’t forget the world turned its back on Jews during the holocaust and didn’t, for example, bomb the death camps: it doesn’t appease us that the world ‘blamed’ Germany, and neither should it appease the Sudanese refugees that we ‘blame’ Sudan.

        1. Bryan says:

          Stop drinking the smolani (lefty) Kool-Aid. The treaties you mention all require that the *first* country into which refugees arrive will host and settle them; that would be Egypt. There is no requirement for Israel to take them in under international law.

          1. karvicthohen says:

            Must admit no knowledge of treaties and who does what first. Do have knowledge of recent racially motivated attacks by Israelis on Africans — just last week — this can be googled. There is also a history of beating up on other foreigners, like those from Russia. Besides examining their attitude and treatment of Palestinians, they could spend a bit of time examining their attitude towards others in general. And please don’t point out that so can other nations… the fact that other places have similiar problems does not absolve the Israelis who whinge and whine all the time about not being treated right by everyone else.

    2. israel says:

      Excuse me, but, if they are refugees, they can stay in egypt. 70 000 infiltrators, most of them entered the country during the past three years. That is equivalent to one percent of Israel’s population. So what exactly are you suggesting? The entire population of Eritrea, Sudan, East and West Africa to immigrate to Israel? Do you understand that it would be national suicide. Do you even realize how ridiculous and idiotic your claims. Just admit the fact that your arguments stem from political rather than humanitarian motives.

  6. Oli C says:

    It makes me extremely sad to see this and to read the comments…What struck me at first was ‘why can’t we live with one another on this planet as humans, without the need to build fences and have wars etc… I see this 150 mile fence and imagine what we could have done with all the money and effort that went into building it… I think anyone willing to leave their home, cross a border and move to a new country probably doesnt WANT to do it, they are probably just desperate for a better life for themselves and their children…Maybe we should spend our money helping make life better for these people rather than spending millions trying to keep them away from us…

    1. Bryan says:

      Yeah, it’s too bad that all those countries surrounding Israel want to take all of the land and kill all the Jews. Terrorists in Egypt have even approached the border pretending to be refugees to attack Israeli soldiers bringing them water. When can all sing kumbaya together when the Arab countries give up their genocidal dreams.

      1. karvicthohen says:

        I think the trillions of dollars the USA has given to Israel is enough already. Israel should get to push its agenda in the region without the help of its big brother footing the bill. If the US hadn’t butted in to the region, yet again, I believe some of the ugliness, including the Jews from Brooklyn being encouraged to put their lives on the line as squatters in a dangerous no man’s land, would end. Further, it would be great if Jews who didn’t support the arrogant grabbing extremist orthodox — who are extremely racist and so insular that they don’t even believe that non-Orthodox Jews are even Jews!

  7. John says:

    The Israelis typically do not waste money on things that do not work. This is a great fence with a good concertina wire top. Their fences work. The U.S. should do this but Obama and Napolitano refuse. The money has been appropriated for years but they refuse to implement. The cost is actually quite reasonable…about $2.5 billion for the next 700 miles. But Obama has a political agenda (what else is new?) here.

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