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New Yorker rides into obstacles in bike lanes to prove a point.

Jun 8, 2011 By Abraham

This is entertaining stuff. New Yorker Casey Neistat was ticketed $50 for riding his bike outside of a bike lane.

He then made this PSA to show what happens to obedient NYC bicyclists who stay where they belong…

(via Neatorama)


    1. Ty M. says:

      This was great….its really very stupid…I see this all the tim here in southern California as well. Theres not way for bikers to stay in the lane 100% of the time when its blocked so much…they have to go around….so what stop, get off ur bike, carry it and walk around it? U might as well just walk to begin with since 75% of the lanes r always blocked! When a car lane is blocked, u dont see them stop and get out or turn around and go another way! NO! THEY GO AROUND TOO! Anyone gonna ticket them for taking up 2 lanes for it? Or perhaps make them ride a bike for a day…see if they like it and ticket them for that stupid nonsense!

    1. ............ says:

      it’s not about the money it’s about the injustice and principle of the situation and unfairness to cyclist all around the country

    2. Josh says:

      Well, if no one does anything to point out bureaucracy’s failings, how in the heck will things change? I applaud anyone doing any direct action work like this fellow. :-) It doesn’t always have to be only about the individual; sometimes people do selfless acts for society, too.

  1. Joe says:

    Is it just me or are bicyclists the biggest whiners on the face of the planet… They complain no matter what and they don’t pay a dime in taxes, fees or registration like car owners have to do every year to ride their bikes on public streets!!! Grow up!

    1. Dawn says:

      Are you kidding? what makes you think bicyclists don’t pay a dime in taxes? (I’m not even a cyclist btw) but if they work, they pay taxes, if they live in a state with sales tax (I think 48 states) they pay taxes, if they also own a car and buy gas (which many do for the kinds of trips that require a car like major shopping trips)they pay taxes. If they own a home, they pay taxes. Even if they are renting technically they are paying someone elses taxes because the landlords work that in. Don’t be so ignorant to think that a cyclist isn’t paying taxes. I’m guessing they are trying to accomplish many things by cycling, such as excercise, and lowering the tax on the pollution rates, not to mention saving on parking fees, insurance, and in places like NYC its likey they can get around much faster than on the subway or bus routes let alone paying for a cab!

      1. Erik says:

        I applaud your wholehearted devotion to ignoring what Joe ACTUALLY SAID. He claimed that cyclists (for example those in big cities, of whom easily 80% do NOT own a motor vehicle and for lengthy trips take the metro) do not pay taxes, fees, or registrations on either a car or the ability to ride said bicycles on public streets.

        Nowhere in his comment does he say anything about sales tax (i assume you mean a trip to the store for X object) or taxes on a house or renting an apt.

        And I realized the date Dawn’s comment was posted after I typed this up, but the sheer stupidity in her comment has tipped me in favor of posting it anyway.

        1. Warren says:

          Well, what “taxes” are cars paying for, exactly? Income? Sales & Use? Property? I must be missing something because I’m not taxed for my vehicle use… unless you are just talking about registration fees, which we already covered. Erik, you’re supporting a vague mystery tax, and then blaming someone for their misperception? Really?

          Nobody is mentioning that bicycles cause almost no wear & tear on roads like cars and heavy use vehicles do. The idea that bicycle use is the same as vehicle use on our streets is ludicrous.

          1. Akasha says:

            Actually, here in Massachusetts, we pay an annual ‘car tax’, which is about 10% of the blue book value of the car.

        2. Ben says:

          Wow, you’re an idiot. I’d reply with more than that, but nothing you’ve said shows that you’d be capable of comprehending it.

          1. Zaya says:

            In major bike riding cities, we pay a fee for registering our bikes and so forth. Yes, it’s not as expensive as car registration is, but then you have to think of how much each cause road erosion/pollution/etc. Personally, since cycling helps cut back on quite a lot of CO2 emissions and other pollutants, taxing cyclists is rather counter-productive.

        3. Jim says:

          Erik. You should think first. Then post. Most cyclists also drive. Your 80% “statistic” is, frankly, so far off it makes it clear you have another problem. Stupidity.

      2. Andy says:

        I have to agree with Dawn. I ride my bike for fun/exercise, but for any major shopping trip or a trip over 10 miles each way, I drive, and living in California, my taxes are pretty high. I’ve more than earned the right to ride my bike on public roads.

        I think the guy in the video, while a little extreme, made a very good point about designated bike lanes being obstructed. Personally, if my bike were damaged or if I was injured due to a bike lane obstruction and through no fault of mine, I’d seriously think about suing the city where it happened.

    2. Stevil says:

      This is the oldest argument in the book. You are assuming that someone who rides a bike doesn’t own a vehicle. Is your skull actually this thick? I pay licensing, registration, insurance, and all associated fees relating to vehicle ownership. The only thing I do differently is choose to ride a bike, and rest assured numbnut, I am not alone in this.

      Based on your logic, I would guess you assume pilots fly everywhere they go as well.

      1. d says:

        Oh, I have remorse for the Grow Up comment and the exclamation point. Especially since Stevil said you had a thick skull. Sorry. Words hurt. I value you (as another thinking human). Seriously though Casey is a badass, no whining just solid super funny proof of a ridiculous ticket. I wish everyone protested like that.

      1. David says:

        Not all of em dumbass! I ride a bike so I don’t end up with a fatass gut like you probably have, and I, too, drive a car, pay all the appropriate fees, taxes, etc., and still get run off the road half the time by dumbass turds like you who probably are part of the 40% in this country who: a) dont pay any taxes at all, and b) can’t keep their fatass mouths shut when the rest of us, who by the way, fought for your right to be said dumbass, try to enjoy some of the rights, and fruits of our sacrifice with a little bikeride! Turd!

    3. David says:

      What you mean I don’t have to pay taxes anymore to support what I don’t use? No one ever informed me of this change, so no more taxes for public education, police and fire protection, schools, social security, medicare, national defense, and social programs….SWEET!

    4. Joey says:

      Regardless of positions on this, somehow I doubt some of the insults – “biggest whiners,” “grow up,” “thick skull,” “numbnut” – would be used if we were all sitting at a bar (or a living room, if you prefer) being introduced to one another.

      1. d says:

        I said I was sorry. Me and Joe are practically best friends..but it’s okay you probably just wanted to type numbnut right? I totally get that.

        1. Joey says:

          Dang it, you’re onto me. And here I thought everyone would think I was better than them, taking the high road and all.

    5. Andrew says:

      Yes, Joe, I agree…and people walking on the streets also don’t pay a dime in taxes, fees or registration on their shoes either! Even people who own multiple pairs of shoes…or even sneakers!

      By the way, Joe, just in case you are too dense to sense all my sarcasm, no, bicyclists are not the biggest whiners on the planet and your whining sucks!

    6. ira says:

      i really wish more people rode bikes to know what it feels like to feel the breeze of freedom,,, obesity and many diseases on the rise caused by pollution and chemicals :(

    7. Vic says:

      The reason why car owners pay so much tax and fees is *because* they own cars. People who own hybrids get a tax rebate because they don’t contribute to global warming as much as others.

    8. Alex says:

      Yeah Joe! And once we’ve sorted out them cyclists, the pedestrians are next! I pay to tax my car, and I should have the RIGHT to drive from my bedroom to my desk every morning.

    9. MarkB says:

      YOU grow up, fool — if you think that the registration fees and associated costs entitle you to primacy on the road, you’re delusional. YOU PAY THOSE FEES BECAUSE YOU”RE OPERATING A POTENTIALLY DEADLY WEAPON. I’d be willing to bet that more people have been killed by being hit by a car in NYC THIS YEAR than have been killed by being hit by a bicycle WORLDWIDE in the 160 YEARS of bicycle use.

      I’d love for you to call me a whiner to my face, pal. Just make sure your bucket list is checked off……..

    10. ulysses says:

      I really don’t see how this is relevant to the point being made in the video. Weather or not cyclists complain, pay taxes, or are annoying to you in any other fashion doesn’t relate to unfair cycling laws and punishment. Cycling is a viable form of transportation, and deserves to have it’s place on the road – if the necessary space to get from A to B is not being respected by automobile drivers then quite obviously the cyclist must improvise and move around the obstacle. Being punished for this is ludicrous. I fail to understand your frustration.

    11. Babar says:

      Ugly comment from an ugly person! You’re the type that thinks cars should own the roads. You have balls because your car can smash my bicycle. Might makes right? What about pedestrians? Should they pay a shoe tax, or else they shouldn’t be allowed on the publicly funded sidewalks? If a cyclists says “please don’t run me over with your car”, then they’re whining? Crawl back under your rock.

    12. Lucy says:

      The registration fees we pay at DMV pay for the services DMV provides. No reason for cyclists to pay those. The inspection fee drivers pay pays for the service of inspection. Since bicycles don’t require an inspection for emissions (since they don’t make any), cyclists don’t pay an inspection fee. Your comment suggests that these fees (the only ones paid by drivers) pay for road maintenance, which they don’t. That maintenance is paid for with property tax money from the general fund or state and federal aid.

      I am a driver not a cyclist, but I am providing this information to perhaps get your knickers out of a twist. You are not subsidizing cyclists use of the roads.

    1. trailsnet says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing. I kind of like the way this guy fights city hall, but at least wear a helmet, dude. And the radio guy was right. He didn’t break any laws and would have won had he appealed. Still, the header into the truck was pretty wicked. (-:

  2. Jake Meador says:

    This reminds me of a certain photoessay that a local blogger put together when the police ticketed him for improper snow removal a couple winters back… ;)

  3. Brad Williams says:

    Here’s the deal, unless it is a local ordinance, it isn’t illegal to ride outside the biking lane anyway. I ride all the time here in Alabama, I’m quite certain that biking lanes don’t even exist here. Bikes are allowed on the road.

    1. Dan says:

      Pretty sure in any major city (like where this was taped) that it is illegal to ride outside the bike lane. To many peds on the sidewalk and too many cars on the road. It really is a hazard for everyone.

      1. Byq says:

        Nope. In New York City it is not illegal to ride outside the bike lane. It is illegal to ride on the sidewalk (where a driver told me I should be after hitting me once.) Even considering the sidewalk is a really dumb move. There are not bike lanes on every road, and even on the roads with bike lanes it is perfectly legal to ride outside them. Cars, busses, and trucks often use the bike lanes as driving, passing, parking, turning, and attempted homicide lanes. Sometimes, as the video stated, the bike lane is not a safe place to be for a cyclist. When I ride in Brooklyn, I try to stay in them as much as possible. But when I ride in Manhattan I prefer to be in the traffic with the cars. Somehow it’s easier to keep an eye on them that way, and I’m always going at least as fast as them, it being Manhattan traffic and all. I mean, not the West side highway or the FDR or anything, but on most numbered avenues.

        1. KL says:

          “Cars, busses, and trucks often use the bike lanes as driving, passing, parking, turning, and attempted homicide lanes.”

          THAT cracked me up. Well done. :)

  4. charity says:

    I loved this, and for the person who cyclists dont pay taxes- I went to UC Berkelely, and there was $15 fee to register your bike with the campus police. You had to pay it at least once a year. That’s 60 dollars over the course of your degree if you graduate on time- the price of the table of contents for my stat book for the class I barely passed.

    Just saying…

    1. Dan says:

      While I do think the person who made the comment about taxes is an idiot, I also think your response makes no sense. The $15 bike fee is not a tax. It is a fee collected by the school. Much like the parking fee your car would require. Comparing that to taxes is moronic.

  5. ED... says:

    I doubt $50 will cover the cost to repair the damage to the police car’s lights and paint.

    1. spike says:

      He held back. I would hit that cop car hard and fast, and probably flopped around on the trunk a while. you know, with lotsa buckles and chains and whatnot.

  6. Theresa K says:

    I live on a major city road that is also a popular road for bicyclists. As a car driver coming out of my own neighborhood, I have found that most bicyclists blow through the stop signs and stoplights, do not signal, yet ride in the road. Yet, I know if I should hit someone it is me who’d get charged. I used to be a biker in my teens and twenties (had to stop when I had two kids to transport with me) and I cannot relate to these bikers. Can’t share the road with those who think they are beyond road rules.

    1. Sean says:

      Good. You’re in a 4 ton vehicle you should watch where you’re going. I cannot relate to how cars take up a WHOLE lane, you just can’t share the road with them.

      1. Pat says:

        4 ton? You do realize that’s 8,000 lbs, right? Anyways, you missed the point entirely. Bikers need to obey the rules of the road crucial to the safety of everyone involved, regardless of the size, weight, or type of the vehicle. Everyone needs to watch where they’re going, but just because you’re in one specific mode of transportation shouldn’t give you a sense of entitlement over the road. Anyone on the road should obey the rules of the road, otherwise find another mode of transportation.

        1. andrea says:

          I am a driver and a rider. Riders that can’t obey rules of the road piss me off. We have a new bridge, 8′ wide bike lane with a barrier separating it from traffic and we have fools that insist on riding in the vehicle lane. Trouble is there is only about a foot between the lane and barrier. I guess its too much effort to veer right at the approach into the designated lane. So for the whole bridge, they hold up one lane during rush hour because of ignorance. Won’t even get into riding on the sidewalk, running stop signs and lights.

        2. imaginedat says:

          I do agree with this advice. However, I would like to mention that “delivery” trucks alone can weigh anywhere from 5000lbs to 33,000 lbs.

          1. Dan says:

            Are you suggesting the average person drives a delivery truck? The average car is between one and two tons I believe.

      2. Andy says:

        Lol.. I like how some bicyclist think they are the sh*t.. Then they hit MY car at a stop sign because they didn’t stop for the 4 way stop. Self confessed to the cop that they didn’t stop (said I was supposed to yield to them), was riding on the side walk and was going against traffic (local laws in my county state you have to go with the direction of traffic). The guy was stuck with something like a $550 fine, + pay the cost for repairing my car. I would have been nice but the guy was a dick about him hitting my car. So I promptly took it to the dealer for a repair and had them send him the bill and send one to the police attached with the incident report so its on record. Nice way to top off a $550 fine with a $2,500 repair (new door since they couldn’t pop-out the dent nicely and he cracked the paint). I would have sued but I’m a nicer person than to actually take his money for my own personal wealth, and frankly he wasn’t even worth the trouble.

        Before you go and think I’m just a huge douche, I do ride my bike regularly when I don’t have to make the drive at 5:30 AM to my college which is around 15 miles away. I follow the rules and regulations on my bike, as a pedestrian, as a driver, and as a motorcyclist. I guess its too much for me to expect others to even follow the important rules and regulations for their own transportation of choice.

    2. Saan says:

      Unfortunately, I can agree with this. I have nothing against bikers in general, but when they refuse to follow the rules of the road, ESPECIALLY ones regarding stop signs and stoplights, it becomes quite the problem.

      I used to live in a college town with a lot of bikers. Twice, I almost hit one when they sped through a stop sign late at night, with no reflectors or lights on.

    3. Andy says:

      A lot of drivers do exactly the same sorts of things that you’re attributing to cyclists, running stop signs and red lights, no signaling, etc. It’s not just SOME cyclists who appear to believe that the rules don’t apply to them, and if a motorist hits somebody with his/her vehicle due to stupidity, arrogance, not caring, or whatever, the consequences almost certainly will be a lot worse than if a cyclist runs into someone.

  7. Kiapita says:

    I understand that some people want to use this forum to let off steam against bicyclists who break the law, but this video does not involve a bicyclist breaking the law, so such comments are irrelevant. I would, however, love to live in Theresa K’s city, which is obviously not New York or the city where I live. Here, when cyclists here get hit by a car, it is usually the cyclist who gets ticketed even when the cyclist was acting legally – the cops just make something up like “impeding traffic” and then the cyclists (if they’re alive) have to go to court to get the ticket dismissed.

      1. Em says:

        Roads were built for chariots and carriages, why the hell are all these cars in my way! I’m joking,but no seriously bicyclist who can’t obey basic stop and field signals cause they’re too lazy to get going again are the scum of the earth.

    1. andrea says:

      No the video is about obstacles in the bike lane. Gee that happens in the traffic lane too, so is it okay if I just drive on the sidewalk?

      1. imaginedat says:

        I am not sure where you are driving where the pedestrian walkway is also in the traffic lane (aside from intersections). That is quite odd.

      2. Dan says:

        Yes according to this video and most bikers if your path is blocked just swerve around it. Don’t slow down, stop, or maybe get off you bike to walk around. Be a self serving jerk and just fly into the car lane.

    2. TJel says:

      Actually this is EXACTLY about bike riders who break the law. With a healthy side dish of bike riders who think they should be allowed to break the law anytime something on the road is int heir way and they don’t feel like stopping.

      Watching the video and seeing some of the responses here, I’m left wondering how many of the people supporting the maker of this video would also support a person driving a motorcycle who opted to drive onto the sidewalk and continue their ride rather than stop for a road hazard and spend the time to slowly maneuver around it *on the road* where they are supposed to be.

      Because unless all of the “bikes should go wherever they want to go” people also support other vehicles illegally driving and steering on sidewalks, etc when they decide it would be safer *for them* to avoid the traffic and hazards on the road, you all sound pretty hypocritical to me.

      (and yes, I know this vid was posted a couple of years ago, but I just saw it now)

      1. mmhmmm says:

        If you watched the video closely, no laws were broken. In NYC there is no law that says bicyclist have to stay in the bike lane. It is however, I believe, illegal to park in a bike lane…which, oh, the police cruiser seen here is doing.

        So you are wrong. And you sound petty.

  8. DCbiker says:

    I am DC daily commuter. I enjoyed reading Casey’s video and the myriad of comments. I have to admit that I do not obey redlights and stop signs when I ride. The point for me to ride in DC is to save time commuting to work/school and get exercise. So although I break rules, I never go when traffic is moving, I always wave graciously to drivers who slow down, yield, and give me space. In fact, I avoid getting upset at other bikers or drivers who do disobey traffic rules. DC is a mad house for traffic and when I am driving and see a biker pass my side and get around the traffic, I am not mad, but rather jealous that I was not riding my bike instead of driving.

    With all this said, I hope that drivers and bikers can coexist especially in the congested city.

    1. Rachel says:

      So, you don’t feel you have to obey the rules because you’re in a hurry?
      You are the type of biker that people are thinking of when they say they hate bikers.

    2. Dan says:

      Just FYI you’re the reason why we hate bikers. Just another self serving jerk who doesn’t think the rules of the road apply to them.

    3. DCDriver says:

      Well, I’m a DC driver, and I too am in a hurry. Yet I do not run red lights, cut off other people, or in general cause a potentially dangerous situation.

      In fact, I may have flipped you off in the past as you nearly ran over a pedestrian.

    4. Julie says:

      I am a pedestrian, am also in a hurry, and would like to be able to cross the street at a walk signal without risking getting hit by a bike. Ass hole.

      1. Denise says:

        Just because a cyclist doesn’t feel the need to come to a complete stop at each and every stop sign doesn’t mean they barrel through each and every intersection regardless of what is happening.

        Your problem is with stupid cyclists, which is not the same group as cyclists who don’t like to stop at stop signs all the time.

        I almost never stop at stop signs. But I yield at them if there is traffic (foot or car) coming. And I’ve never even come close to hitting a pedestrian.

    5. Denise says:

      I, too, go through stop signs. I don’t see the point of coming to a complete stop, putting my feet down, and then getting back up to speed when I can see that there are no cars or pedestrians coming. If there are cars or pedestrians, then I yield if the stop sign is on my side of the intersection.

      Bikes go slow and have far more visibility than a car. A cyclist who is paying attention will be able to see and react appropriately to cars or pedestrians without having to stop at every single stop sign in the neighborhood. A cyclist who is not paying attention is not better able to see cars and pedestrians because they are stopped. The problem is not that the cyclist didn’t come to a stop, but rather that the cyclist isn’t paying attention or doesn’t care.

      I’m not going to follow rules that are stupid and pointless. Like following the alleged rule that one must ride only in bike lanes no matter what. That rule is dumb and annoying and I wouldn’t follow it if it meant riding unsafely or having to take a pointlessly long detour when there’s a perfectly good non-bike-path route that is just as safe.

      Blindly following rules doesn’t make you safer. Paying attention makes you safer. A cyclist who runs stop signs and red lights, but pays attention and yields to pedestrians and cars is a far safer and happier cyclist than any cyclist who is oblivious to his or her surroundings.

    6. Andy says:

      Apparently Dan and Rachel don’t know how to read and they get pleny of exercise jumping to conclusions, which is probably why they don’t feel the need to ride bikes and experience the problems that cyclists encounter.

  9. Laurie says:

    Insanely hilarious!
    I don’t know much about cycling, but if I rode a bike I would love a bike lane and I would love that lane to be unobstructed. Period. Yep, everyone’s right is right in his own eyes.

  10. brickbat says:

    on the subject of signaling; you would be surprised at the number of motorists that don’t know a bike signal from a random gesture, and taking a hand off the bars to execute one can be a very ill advised move at times.They do make signal lights for bikes but know one i know uses them. they are tough to see unless at night.I do stop for all traffic lights but admit to blowin through stop signs. Don’t get me started on the subject of getting “doored”

    1. Dan says:

      So you openly admit to not signaling because it’s inconvenient and you don’t stop at stop signs because you just don’t feel like it. You are the exact reason I don’t like most bikers. Saying the most people don’t know what your signals mean is the dumbest reason for not signaling I have ever heard.

      1. pisp says:

        so why do cars have turn signals built into them, and most drivers don’t use them? those signals are clear indicators as to what’s going on and visible and understood by everyone, yet are either misused or unused.
        not saying it’s right for cyclists to not signal, but as a cyclist, i certainly indicate if i am turning if there are cars nearby but the amount of times i have been nearly hit going straight on a green light by a vehicle turning right without a signal is astoundingly terrifying.
        just sayin’

        oh, and all of you on the road should get off your damn phones, cyclists and drivers both. pay attention.

  11. Mary Silvestri says:

    This is soooooo true! I am a cyclist who is sick and tired of constantly having to drive out in traffic because the bike lane is blocked. How about ticketing cars that drive IN the bike lane as well!!

  12. matt says:

    in colorado if you are riding a bike on the street you have to follow the same laws as if you were driving your car. im not sure if those laws are the same if you are in a bike lane tho.

    1. OttawaCyclist says:

      Good. He was in the bike lane. If I left a bike in the middle of an intersection, would I be right to expect that bike to be replaced when it gets run over by a pickup truck? No, and rightfully so.

  13. blahblahblah says:

    Where I live there is NO bike lanes, NO shoulder and small roads. I’d love to bike to work, it’s only three miles however it’s not safe for me to do so due to so many distracted drivers. Too many people talk on their cell phone/text/fiddle with radio/yell at kids while driving and will kill a bicyclist. So if I expect to bike to work, I have to ride in the road and risk my life so I don’t bike.

    The things that bug me is how nobody is ever satisfied and there is far too many taxes/fines/legal bs. No bike lanes here but if there were people would block them. If they are blocked and you have to get around the block then you risk your life and may get fines. Yea this guy in the video did very well in proving the point. Any bicyclist knows that you have to ride “safe” even if safe isn’t legal.

    1. Dan says:

      You don’t have to risk your life… You could slow down and get off your bike and walk around the obstruction but that would take effort and riders prefer to just fly through and around everything without even looking.

      1. Andy says:

        Dan, again, you prove how little you understand. For you as a driver, it takes absolutely no effort to do what you describe except to flick the lever for your turn signal (assuming you even bother), press your foot on the accelerator, and maybe hoist a one-finger salute to whomever is blocking you. A bicyclist has to stop, maybe get off the bike, somehow circumnavigate the obstruction, and then get back on the back and start pedaling again. You apparently have no idea how much effort it takes for a cyclist to do all this nonsense and then get (back) to his/her normal cruising speed, because you spend too much of your time jumping to conclusions about a topic you demonstratedly have absolutely no grasp of — because it would be inconvenient for you.

  14. Rob says:

    I should do the same with my car!! Can’t tell you how many idiotic obstacles I have to deal with out there! Of course, I actually realize the world wasn’t created solely to facilitate my transport, so I couldn’t …

    1. clear says:

      definitely relevant, since this guy was ticketed for riding outside of the bike lane and told by an officer that for no reason may he exit it, even for obstructions. your comment leaves readers to assume that you agree you should be ticketed for going around a roadblock or stalled/parked vehicle that are in your lane?

  15. Donna says:

    Awesome PSA! I ride my bike in cities all over the country including NYC. Lets all try to be more bike friendly too many of us get crushed…LITERALLY!

  16. Beka says:

    I think that no matter what is done to “fix” a problem, someone/ some group of people is always going to be unhappy. Where I live, there is a small bike path a safe distance away from the road, but some bikers don’t use it. Thats when I hate cyclists on the road. I am all for sharing the road with cyclists if there is not a safe designated path, but I don’t like it when they don’t take advantage of the path made just for them and blow through stop lights and weave in and out of traffic. Everyone should obey the same laws on the road, motorists and cyclists alike. But even if a cyclist is being annoying, you should still watch for them and make the road safe for them too.

  17. mikey says:

    Did anyone else notice the machete hanging on his door frame next to his radio. I hope Casey isn’t crazy. (he kinda seems like it, he did just crash into a bunch of stuff to prove a point)

  18. Art says:

    I did not make a count, but it seemed that most of the obstructions were legitamate construction sites and emergancy vehicles. A cab dropping someome off would have the choice of using the bike lane against the curb or stopping in traffic ans having the passenger walk across the bike path. I am reletivly sure that there would be no bike citation issued if the biker rode arround an obstruction. I am willing to bet the submitter was actually riding in either a car lane or on the pedestrian walk.

  19. Bevan says:

    He’s lucky to have a bike lane, at least. Here in Atlanta they’re almost non-existent and to ride a bike is to flirt with death. Sorry, but my sympathy was not aroused.

  20. A. Louis says:

    How are trucks supposed to make deliveries, how are people supposed to get into taxis with these bike lanes? Bloomberg is putting thousands more taxis on the road along with 10,000 bikes. What’s up with that? Empty cruising taxis piloted by desperate men are more dangerous than taxis with passengers in them. And they are not at all “green”.

  21. Gary says:

    I feel no sympathy for this immature whiner. I have to apply my car brakes and wait for traffic to clear, machinery to move, pedestrians to finish their ill-timed stroll, and yes, for bicyclists that run stop signs and lights. If I adopted the attitude of this brat, I’d just blithely run him down because my light was green. Grow up or gtfo the road.

    1. Dan says:

      Finally someone with some sense. If you’re on a bike and the lane is blocked you might have to *GASP* stop! What a concept! You might actually have to stop and not just blindly fly where ever you want just because you’re on a bike.

  22. Pirate Dave says:

    I find it funny how this guy just wanted to make a sarcastic video to make people laugh out the ridiculousness of the situation, and the interviewer tried to make it sound like it was political.

    Some time film makers do things just for fun! It is why we do what we do.

  23. Susan says:

    I used to ride to work in Tampa, Fl, and I rode in the bike lane (when there was one), on the sidewalk (next in pecking order), and in the street last. The sidewalk quality was awful and I would ride in the street over the sidewalk when the road was more than two lanes, but it is extremely dangerous to bicycle with commuters in the South. There’s a few roads in Tampa with local nicknames including “bicyclist killer.” And I did obey the traffic signals, simply too dangerous otherwise.

  24. trailsnet says:

    Simple solution. Build more bike trails. Then those of us bikers who value our lives will ride the trails and those who want to take their lives in their hands will ride on the roads. Cars & bikes don’t mix, so I stick to the trails. Problem solved.

  25. Dan says:

    I really don’t know if the cop was right in this situation but I have to agree that there are far too many bikers who want all of the benefits of riding in the street without following any of the rules. I constantly find myself stuck behind bikers who ride side by side or who don’t signal and run stop signs. Bikers rarely follow the rules of the road in my area.

  26. Dan says:

    On another note, I love the number of bikers on here who openly admit to not following the rules of the road and don’t see anything wrong with it. No wonder drivers hate you.

  27. billybob says:

    I think that if someone sees a cone and still runs into it then he/she needs to pay attention to the road. But I guess that was his point: obstacles in the bike lane.

  28. ralph says:

    Hey, stupid people…..he didn’t say to “always be moving while in the bike lane”. When there is an obstruction you stop, get off the bike, and walk your bike around the obstruction in a safe manner. Riding a bike is not doing ANYONE a favor. All you do is make yourself feel good about how cool you supposedly are. Newsflash: you’re not.

  29. Em says:

    Ok, I have a thing against cyclists, I live Just off a heavily used parkway that has a bike path that’s about 8 feet wide running parallel, It is strictly meant for bicyclists, And having biked on it myself, I can’t see why, It is CONSTANTLY maintained, the “stroller mom” argument is non existent ( he had some lady make a ton of noise, report a bicyclist to the police and they said “It’s the bike path, not the stroller and 30 dogs path) Yet they outright refuse to ride on it. But riding on the roads isn’t what pisses me off, It’s not even fact that I go the speed limit (25) and some bicyclists get a good clip going down hill which most of this is, I get yelled at every time I pass a Bicyclist, Whether he’s going 15 Or 25 down hill I’ve gotten everything from “F****** WATCH OUT B****” To “LEARN TO DRIVE YOU STUPID C***”I even had one of them kick my car at a stoplight. when I Never hit them and I was well away from them when i merged back into my lane. But the manners I can deal with, Although I can’t hear other drivers,I’m almost sure they say the same things in their cars. But I can’t deal with the fact that they don’t stop at stop signs, yield to those who have the right of way, Or in some cases STOP AT STOPLIGHTS! yet cops don’t do anything about it citing that “They don’t carry id anyway”. Bicyclists are not a privileged class, why don’t they need licenses? Why don’t they need insurance? I’ve had cyclists who don’t stop at stop signs hit me, Flip me off and drive away. “aww yeah man I’m saving your planet” Go blow it out your ass, You’re making the world a worse place for people who drive safely and obey traffic laws.

  30. David says:

    Hey Spike…Not all of em’ dumbass! I am an Arkansas boy who rides a bike so I don’t end up with a fatass gut like you probably have, and I, too, drive a car AND a truck, pay all the appropriate fees, taxes, etc., and still get run off the road half the time by dumbass turds like you who probably are part of the 40% in this country who: a) dont pay any taxes at all, and b) can’t keep their fatass mouths shut when the rest of us, who by the way, fought for your right to be said dumbass, try to enjoy some of the rights, and fruits of our sacrifice with a little bikeride! Turd!

  31. rebeccazg says:

    WELL DONE :)

    from someone in the UK ( where bike lanes suck) who live in Denmark ( where they are hallowed ground..)

    The Danes have the right idea :)

  32. John says:

    I like that nobody mentioned that almost all of the obstacles he ran into were easily avoidable while staying in the bike lane.

    “Oh no, a barrel taking up 1/3 the lane? Nowhere to go except into it”

      1. TJel says:

        In a city where NO ONE has a “clear lane”? Yeah. Too much to ask.

        Cars don’t have fully clear lanes. Pedestrians don’t have fully clear lanes. Everyone has to stop and maneuver around obstacles in NYC. EVERYONE.

        But the overentitled who think that laws shouldn’t apply to them when its inconvenient, but the benefits should (when its convenient) apparently beg to differ.

  33. John says:

    Ok, I am never one to defend an officer when it comes to traffic tickets, but honestly there are many obstructions in roads due to construction or what-have-you. You wouldn’t full on hit them either. This just isn’t a good point. Stick with the “It’s not even illegal,” argument because it’s much more valid.

    1. Jaime says:

      In his video when he’s getting ticketed, he points out someone double parked. More than likely that would be completely obstructing his bike lane. Gee, I wonder why he might have left the bike lane…

  34. Jaime says:

    I love how everything then degenerates into a bike vs car debate. Well I’m a pedestrian. I can tell you that every category (bikes, cars, peds) include [email protected] I watch cars turn on red when it’s clearly marked “No Turn on Red”, nearly running my over I wasn’t so vigilant. I have bicyclists that run red lights, and on bridges they share with us peds, come as frickin’ close as they can to running me down. Personally, I try to obey most of the traffic laws as I walk home, ’cause I like making it home alive (I don’t that protective metal shield that the fast moving objects have), but I also see peds walking out in front of cars, crossing the street against the red light while cars are waiting, etc. All [email protected] Get over yourselves. I have bicyclist friends, who once they get in their car curse out vehemently against the other cyclists in their way. Everyone just needs to relax.

    I like the video, and I home you didn’t scrape yourself up too much shooting it. Your point is very valid, and my first thought was that I thought that the bike lanes were for your safety, but not required. Like, if you want to make a left turn, pretty hard from a bike lane that’s on the right so. I other words, wtf to the cop.

  35. Leah says:

    I love at the end he runs into a cop car in the bike lane! Take that, NYPD! If a bike lane is there for the bicyclist’s safety then there should be other rules enforced, like no standing or parking in said lane.

  36. David says:

    Idiot deserves everything he gets. Imagine if a car tried that. Cops catch him speeding down the sidewalk, give him a ticket. Then he decides “Gee, I’ll just close my eyes and accelerate down the road smashing into everything I can to prove I should be able to drive on the sidewalk!!! Virtually all of those obstacles could have been easily avoided without leaving the bike lane just by driving around them (in the bike lane) or stopping and waiting for traffic to clear (just like all of the other vehicles on the road have to do) I hope he has to pay damages for all of the stuff he rammed into trying to prove his ultimately stupid and childish “point”

    1. TJel says:


      The FIRST rule of the road in NYC is “Don’t hit something that is in front of you, or it is YOUR FAULT”

      He just proved that his unwillingness to comply with traffic laws that apply to everyone else is unfettered by limitations of safety or concern for others; only for himself.

  37. Paul says:

    I agree with David if bicycles want their rights then let them pay for the lanes like licensed drivers do through gas tax, registration fees, and license plate renewals. Bicyclers should have to obey all the laws and also avoid obstruction at all times. It is easy to just stop and pick up your bike and walk around the obstruction, cars can’t do that, they have to wait.

    1. Jennifer Arnold says:

      My word he is the Charlie Chaplin of bicyclists. And without a helmet or padding. I especially loved when he did a roll over into the truck, oh yes, and when he hit the cop car. hahahah

  38. Derek Birch says:

    so is this guy aware that the badge number of the cop who gave him this wrongful ticket is on the ticket? He can totally file a complaint against the cop.

  39. Al says:

    Everything he hit was stationary. This is an excellent PSA to bike riders with the message “Look where you’re going, dickhead.”

  40. Jennifer Arnold says:

    Bravo Casey. I loved this video. I bike up 8th Av in NYC and pedestrians use the bike lane as a sidewalk extension. So annoying. PS. my buddy ran a red light on his bike and got violently pulled over by a cop and ticketed.. $280. same as a car running a light. Is that fair?

      1. Julie says:

        YES! The rules apply to absolutely everyone. I have almost been hit and had to jump out of the way of bikes running red lights on pretty much a weekly basis. It is dangerous, not to mention angering. There was a cyclist who was just convicted of vehicular manslaughter for running a red light and hitting a killing a pedestrian. Running a red light with your car is as dangerous (and as illegal) no matter what you vehicle you are using.

  41. Rob says:

    About 50% of road building and maintenance are paid for by property taxes. That means we all pay for roads.

  42. obeythelaw says:

    How about bicyclists obey the signs to yield to pedestrians on the west side bike path. Or just yield to pedestrians since that is the LAW, everywhere. Stop telling at pedestrians for crossing the street.

    1. Whatup says:

      They aren’t yelling at pedestrians crossing the street…they are yelling at morons STANDING in the bike path. Get OUT OF THE BIKE PATH. ITS A BIKE PATH, NOT A STAND AND LOOK STUPID PATH.

  43. Julie says:

    I have ZERO sympathy for bikers getting tickets. Like at all. At least once a week I am almost run over by a biker who is too self involved to stop at stop lights (even though they are legally obligated to do so) while I am crossing, on a cross walk, with a walk signal. As far as I’m concerned they are all ass holes. They just convicted a guy of vehicular manslaughter for mowing down and killing a pedestrian after running a red light in SF, and this incident will only go up. Maybe ticketing bikers will motivate them to actually learn what laws they need to follow so that I don’t have to take my life in my hands every time I want to cross the street in the city.

  44. Julie says:

    We were visiting NYC on vacation and we got a $100+ ticket for parking our car very slightly in the bike lane.

  45. Kate says:

    I do feel like this guy IS bitching a little. Yeah, a $50 ticket is pretty unreasonable, but he’s basically making the argument “I got a ticket for disobeying traffic laws. What a dick cop, right?” Where I live, bikes sometimes even ride in the same lanes as cars, acting like they fall under the same jurisdiction as cars and belong in the road too. And when they ride outside the bike lane, every car has to slow almost to a stop, wait for the cars in the opposite lane to pass, then gently tip toe around the biker. Forget the biker considering the cars, WE must respect HIM. He’s on a BIKE. This guy knows all the obstacles were avoidable, and just because it isn’t as smooth a ride as the road, doesn’t mean it would kill him to just bike around the obstacle for a second.

    1. bloody rich says:

      jeez people, no he did not disobey the traffic laws… there is no such law. One of his points was how could there be if they are blocked so much, [and they are- i bike every day] then he’d get a ticket going around. And all these anti-bike people- how many car drivers are killed by bikes hitting them? We need bike lanes to try to not get killed. Every biker saves space in car lanes because he isn’t driving a car now… so there is less traffic of cars. duh.

    2. Whatup says:

      Not really, he’s saying that he got a ticket for not obeying a law that’s literally impossible to obey.

  46. EatTheRich says:

    I just want to say that I am in support of the man who made this video. I own a car and a bicycle and I see this sort of thing a lot. It’s not fair on the cyclists.

  47. metropolitan says:

    i’m sorry but i’ve been running into too many amateur citibike riders who don’t follow any rules –they ride on the sidewalk, cross red lights, go the wrong way on bike lanes. right now i’m not feeling too sympathetic with them.

  48. Deborah says:

    This video made me laugh because it so plainly demonstrates the sense of entitlement that cyclists have. The rules? Those are for other people. Was the bike path where the guy got a ticket obstructed? Obviously not or he would have played that card with the cop. So while complaining to the cop that he’s “busting his balls,” this guy is busting the balls of a lot of New Yorkers who are actually trying to get somewhere. In a normal flow of motor traffic, undisciplined scofflaw cyclists represent the same kind of obstruction to motorists that the garbage cans represent on the bike path. So cyclists tacitly hand over the responsibility for their wellbeing to a bunch of strangers who are quite possibly not in the best of moods. Not only is it rude, it’s extremely stupid. Not that anybody would deliberately hit a cyclist but you have to have 8 eyes in your head, as they say in Italian, to be aware of cyclists coming up on the right, passing with the red, riding against the traffic, riding with the traffic, weaving in and out of traffic and thinking they are heroes because of it. If one or more of those 8 eyes closes, it’s not the people in cars and trucks who get hurt. Good for the cop. I hope he hands out a lot more of those tickets.

  49. ignatz says:

    He should also film himself going through red lights, riding on sidewalks and going the wrong way down a one way street, like damn near every cyclist in the city.

    Bike lanes don’t work because city roads aren’t made for bicycles, and you can’t make them be. Bicycles are a hazard on city roads, and dangerous to themselves and the drivers. Even when you put in a bike lane.

    1. OttawaCyclist says:

      So, what’s the alternative? No bikes for anybody?

      The reality is there is a food chain of transportation. If you’re in a car, it is imperative that you follow the rules, because if you collide with another form of transport (cyclists or pedestrians) you will very likely come out the victor. Bicycles are next in the food chain. They can keep pace with traffic, but they are much more likely the victim of a traffic accident, in the sense that they are more likely to die. Cyclist do, however have to avoid pedestrians and obstacles at all costs. But when dealing with cars, the safest mentality is that cars can NEVER be trusted to change their course to avoid an accident (I.E. It is unwise to expect a moving car to stop because there is a bicycle in front of it). What this means practically is that traffic laws come secondary to the harsher law of the road where people like you, and some of the other commenters on this are driving with your unreasoning hatred for all things on 2 wheels.

      BTW, some of us are just plain poor, and don’t want to be spending all of our hard earned money on gas when food works just as well. We aren’t all super-hipster-eco-warriors who think that you’re a terrible person for driving a car. We just want to get on with our day and not be run over. Is that too much to ask?

  50. ignatz says:

    [And all these anti-bike people- how many car drivers are killed by bikes hitting them?]

    Almost none, but if I hit you with a car, it wrecks BOTH of our lives. If you want to take risks with your life, go ahead, daredevil, but don’t drag ME into it. I don’t WANT your death on my conscience.

    Which is WHY when a cyclist comes flying into the intersection against the light, or is suddenly in front of my car going the wrong way down a one way street, I get FURIOUS.

    If you want to get out on the road with a vehicle that goes slower than every other vehicle and gives you no protection, be frigging responsible and obey the damned rules.

  51. ignatz says:

    He said it: “I’m doing the world a favor by riding my bike.”

    If anything defines the attitude of the average cyclist, that does.

    By the way, there was plenty of space in that bike lane, and you AIMED your bike at the garbage can and sent it flying. Which not only spread garbage all over the street, but was damned hazardous to OTHER PEOPLE, not just you.

    And if the lane is completely obstructed, you just get OFF your bike and walk AROUND it. Duh.

    Unbelievable. The City of New York spent tons of money – and decreased the number of traffic lanes for cars – putting in bike lanes all over the place just to make your ride safer and accommodate your slimy ass. And “Ooooh! but now I have to sometimes walk around obstructions!”

    Yeah, I know – it doesn’t count as being an asshole because you’re doing the world a favor.

  52. ignatz says:

    e said it: “I’m doing the world a favor by riding my bike.”

    If anything defines the attitude of the average cyclist, that does.

    By the way, there was plenty of space in that bike lane, and you AIMED your bike at the garbage can and sent it flying. Which not only spread garbage all over the street, but was damned hazardous to OTHER PEOPLE, not just you.

    And if the lane is completely obstructed, you just get OFF your bike and walk AROUND it. Duh.

    Unbelievable. The City of New York spent tons of money – and decreased the number of traffic lanes for cars – putting in bike lanes all over the place just to make your ride safer and accommodate your slimy ass. And “Ooooh! but now I have to sometimes walk around obstructions!”

    Yeah, I know – it doesn’t count as being a jerk because you’re doing the world a favor.

  53. Amy says:

    You should really go to change.org and start a petition! I would absolutely sign it. If you post said petition to any cop block page on facebook, you get a ton of signatures too. People are sick of the government micro-managing everything and solving nothing… You could use this to be part of the solution. Send a clear message to back off and allow people to manage their own lives more!

  54. Bikesoffthesidewalk says:

    Bikers should stay off sidewalks. I do not care where they ride as long as they are out of the pedestrians way. I have been close to being run over by bikes numerous times in DC because they were driving high speed on a sideWALK. See how I capitalized the key word? Walk.

  55. Johny says:

    STOP GIVING THE COPS YOUR NAME AND ID!!! They can’t issue you a ticket if you don’t talk to them. Simple.
    Stop being sheep Amerika!! :-)

  56. SPMD#282 says:

    A cyclist (later triathlete) for over 33 years, I can tell you that the video you just saw ISN’T funny as some commentors would have us believe. This is downright serious stuff, folks. I’m disappointed, however, that this cyclist failed to wear a helmet. I must further comment on this “ignatz” & his remarks. You’re an idiot, kiddow; having absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. You don’t like cyclists & probably haven’t had the pleasure that millions of us share. HAND……………..

  57. Mark Vitelli says:

    Oh the HUNDREDS of times I have had to deal with this, even cop cars, in Baltimore and right here in Roslyn (A suburb of Philadelphia). If there is a bike lane I use it but when obstacles are in the way, if there is no sidewalk, I am forced into the street. I have been clipped numerous times. I have even taken out rear view mirrors just to save my life.

  58. R.W.G.,Esq. says:

    Here are the New York City Rules on Bike lanes found in The Rules of The City of New York, Title 34, Chapter 4, § 4-12(p), available here: http://rules.cityofnewyork.us/content/section-4-12-miscellaneous

    (p) Bicycles. (1) Bicycle riders to use bicycle lanes. Whenever a usable path or lane for bicycles has been provided, bicycle riders shall use such path or lane only except under any of the following situations:
    (i) When preparing for a turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway.
    (ii) When reasonably necessary to avoid conditions (including but not limited to, fixed or moving objects, motor vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, pushcarts, animals, surface hazards) that make it unsafe to continue within such bicycle path or lane.
    (2) Driving on or across bicycle lanes prohibited. No person shall drive a vehicle on or across a designated bicycle lane, except when it is reasonable and necessary:
    (i) to enter or leave a driveway; or
    (ii) to enter or leave a legal curbside parking space; or
    (iii) to cross an intersection; or
    (iv) to make a turn within an intersection; or
    (v) to comply with the direction of any law enforcement officer or other person authorized to enforce this rule; or
    (vi) to avoid an obstacle which leaves fewer than ten feet available for the free movement of vehicular traffic.
    Notwithstanding any other rule, no person shall drive a vehicle on or across a designated bicycle lane in such manner as to interfere with the safety and passage of persons operating bicycles thereon.
    (3) Bicycles permitted on both sides of 4O-foot wide one-way roadways. Any person operating a bicycle upon a roadway that carries traffic in one direction only and is at least 40 feet wide may ride as near as is practicable to either the left or the right hand curb or edge of such roadway, provided that bicycles are not prohibited from using said roadway.


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