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News anchor goes off-script to remind viewers about domestic abuse

Nov 2, 2012 By Abraham

Jai Cunningham of Hawaii’s KHON2 is going to remind his viewers in a surprising and innovative way how often people die from domestic abuse…

(via Reddit)


  1. PS3Gamer says:

    Wait a minute. He said “When any child or any woman… When any person dies because of domestic abuse I will shave my head.” He doesn’t seem to, at first anyways, realize that just as many men have been abused, and some killed, by their wives. Did he mean just women and children? I want to know. Why not if a man dies from his wife or child killing him?

    1. mk says:

      He said that he and his brother had been abused… Thereby implying that men can become victims too. Didn’t you hear that?

    2. jje says:

      really… your first thought is to scream “what about men?” ? How about thinking first, then doing a little research then realize that women, and their children ( yes boy children) are killed every day by abusive men…. Some women kill their men and sometimes their children but it is so freaking rare … So rather than Whine about poor you, do something!!! Go out and stop men from killing their women and children and start raise your own children to do the same.

      1. DMT says:

        @jje While the way Travis put the point forward was tasteless it is a real issue. Many men suffer in silence from abusive spouses and feel they can’t come forward to get help because they’ll be ridiculed, or they wont be taken seriously and what they’re going through will be trivialized in exactly the same way you are doing so here.

        Domestic abuse is not about age race or gender it is about a PERSON a fellow human being, being victimized and subjected to abuse, both mentally and physically and it needs to be stamped out wherever it occurs!

    3. Andy says:

      No. It is not “just as many.” That is a wildly inaccurate statement.

      When we talk about spousal abuse, we are normally talking about husbands harming their wives. It is not that the other way never occurs, but it happens very rarely. In in cases where wives abuse husbands, it is more often verbal and emotional abuse. I’m not downplaying that– it’s still terribly wrong. But it is different than physical abuse which puts a person’s life in bodily danger.

      1. DMT says:

        Sorry Andy but while I agree that the physical outcome can be less severe due to differences in strength, even if the abused party doesn’t defend himself, domestic violence suffered by men does not occur as rarely a you think.

        From the USA
        Every year in the U.S., about 3.2 million men are the victims of an assault by an intimate partner (Clark county Prosecuting Attorney office, 2012)

        From Ireland
        15% of women and 6% of men suffer severe domestic abuse
        29% of women and 26% of men suffer domestic abuse when severe abuse and minor incidents are combined
        13% of women and 13% of men suffer physical abuse or minor physical incidents (Central Statistics office 2012)

        From Britain
        The police receive a call every three minutes from a male victim 

        1 in 6 men will experience Domestic Violence in their life
        Every third victim of Domestic Violence is a man
        Domestic Violence equates to approx 25% of all reported violent crimes 

        9% of all reported violent crimes are Domestic Violence cases involving male victims 

        Approximately 4 million men are affected every year by domestic violence 

        Practically the same percentage of men as women are victims of severe acts of Domestic Violence.
        (National Center for Domestic Violence 2012)

        If domestic abuse/violence is to be stamped out we need to condemn it in its entirety and treat all cases equally regardless of the age, gender, race or sexual orientation of the victim.

        1. Andy says:

          I would like to know how often a wife actually beats her husband to death. Your point, “I agree that the physical outcome can be less severe due to differences in strength,” is most relevant, in my opinion. In a male/female marriage, the wife is more physically vulnerable than the husband, almost always.

          I do agree with your point that everyone who experiences abuse should be helped.

  2. Joey says:

    I appreciate his goal, but he did say “completely shaved off,” didn’t he? Would be more dramatic if he didn’t use that #1 guard?

  3. Marianne says:

    I hate to say this but what if it becomes some sicko’s new goal to make him shave his head all the time? ;_;

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