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Normal women posing like models in public

Aug 16, 2011 By Abraham

So awkward and hilarious…

(via Coudal)


  1. melanie says:

    Maybe we should consider the models to be just as awkward and cooky. I admire how long these women can hold still!

    1. Anne says:

      I already do, they look likes giraffes that got hit by buses or something, dangly limbs all over the place and stuff… XD

  2. d says:

    Holy cow! Who are these crazy faces?!? The people walking by astounded were hilarious but also crazy that some people just walk on by, we are so tolerant of madness … when it’s strangers. I lost it when the gardener poked the lady lying down posing in his bushes trying to look provocative …or whatever!! Ha ha haaa!

  3. Kim says:

    Can we finally discuss why the vast majority of women in Hollywood are pigeon-toed!? Please!?

    Tell me this is on your list of things to post about.

  4. banksy says:

    I would love to hear the commentary, but it is drowned out by the music. Nice visual; would be nice to hear what the artist had to say about her work!

      1. xxooxx says:

        Ridiculous. Drown out the commentary, making it impossible to understand what ppl were saying.

        Made me think, “I need to mute this.”

  5. FluffyRhino says:

    I think it would’ve been more of a statement had they had a picture or a cutout of the model standing there. If I saw a woman standing in an awkward position for no apparent reason, I would assume she was having a seizure, or something. Yes, models look just as ridiculous, but they also don’t stand there for hours with the same expression for no reason, they’re at least making money for it.

    1. Paula says:

      Yes, it looked pretty stupid. It doesn’t look like modeling, just fat asylum escapees. Yes, they’re too fat to be models, even if models are too skinny.

      1. Tink says:

        You’re missing the point entirely, Paula. They’re not doing because they actually look like models, they’re doing it to prove a point that in real life, women A) aren’t often shaped like models (photoshop doesn’t work in the real world, not to mention most women don’t have the build, metabolism or eating disorders to pull it off) and B) in real life women don’t act anything like the false representations in fashion. We don’t pose in the stereotypically sexy or feminine ways we are always presented in, and we would be seen as more weird than sexy if we actually did. They may look like ‘fat asylum escapees’ to you, but if their posing makes them look crazy, what does that tell you about the poses fashion decides are feminine?

    2. Els says:

      Yes, I would have thought staying in that position for so long that she either had a seizure or that she was catatonic. Either way, I would have been likely to call for an ambulance. Even normal models do not go out and stand awkwardly in one place for hours. They have photographers and they are moving around for photos. It would have been better to stage a photo shoot with normal sized people than to do this awkward and odd stunt.

  6. mary says:

    I hope they are at least telling these people, because for some like the girl laying in the flowers, yes people freaked out not knowing if she was okay or not, and the one had a police officer there.

    Why the idea is neat, they need to speak and at least say “im just posing” or something

      1. Stephanie says:

        maybe is they somehow posted the picture they were emulating beside the person, then the point would be gotten, without ruining the kooky-ness of the act itself.

        Haven’t ANY of these people ever heard of a human statue?!

  7. heather says:

    How fabulous to see Madrid looking so wonderful in the summer, im surprised the pickpockets didnt get the woman in Callao, and I bet the ones helping the girl on the floor at the Prado werent Spanish, I should say they were American tourists! A bit worrying for tourists to see her on the floor like that, perhaps not the best idea.

  8. Joyce says:

    Public reaction toward the end was touching — as if they were lovingly pulling the women back to reality. We are know that modeling is the extreme, and that life at that level of extremity is impossible to sustain. It takes care to rescue someone from the brink.

  9. MarvelX42 says:

    This is just stupid. This is nothing like being a model, Models don’t stand (or lay) still for that long. They are being paid, they have hella makeup and accessories, jewelry, etc. all of which is topped off by photoshop. What was shown is more like insanity than it was modelling. No wonder the people reactted the way they did.

    1. Poses says:

      I think what they were pointing out is that a lot of the poses that the models get photographed in are unrealistic and ridiculous, but the average woman is led to believe that they are what they should aspire rather than seeing it as advertising or art. This video points that out by putting the average women in average places. They stand still to emphasise the postures. People are expected to react and this adds to the thought process of the viewer of the video.

    2. Tink says:

      Like others have said, the poses (and yes, the photoshopping to make them even more impossible) were the focus here. If it’s physically impossible to maintain a model pose, or just looks really, really stupid, we have to ask ourselves why these kinds of poses are sold to us by the fashion industry as being the height of what it is to be feminine, to be sexy and to be female.

      1. Julie says:

        I often exclaim that the models (and the clothes and the hair styles and the jewelry and the makeup for that matter) have always been ridiculous in “fashion” magazines. Would or could I ever look like that? Hell no! And wouldn’t want to.

        Fashion magazines are stupid and I only pick them up to look at when I am waiting in my doctor’s office or having my hair done… I would never spend real money for that advertising.

        BTW… just WHO are they advertising to?

  10. Becca says:

    MarvelX42 human statues are portrayed as art, this was certainly courageous, but the lady laying next to the flowers was a bit much, as a nurse I would be assessing her fir life.

  11. alienhead says:

    I get it. It’s clever, defamiliarizing the glamorous after the glamorous has already become expected by society as normal. But honestly, go for a jog, fat chicks.

  12. Sandie M says:

    Those ladies are sah-weeeet. Very Brave but OMG it sounds like that crazy dude from Sesame Street is playing the piano in the background! AHHHH STOPPPPPP!

  13. lily hollowayl says:

    Why do people pick apart someone else’s art? It is what it is, u either like it or u don’t but what’s the point in making silly comments about it would be better without music. Its from the artist not anyone else.
    When people say stuff like ‘that’s not what models do’ well most art is exagerated, everything in the media is OTT. Its called taking the piss.
    Get a sense of humour!

    I like the macdonalds women, and everyone acts so ‘concerned’ when all they really care about is customers not wanting to come in because she’s there haha.

  14. eydie says:

    i’m sorry, but out of context, they just look like morons. i’d call the psych ward. seriously, i would think they’d had some sort of psychotic break, except the woman lying in the road. her, i’d just call an ambulance.

  15. Rumpley says:

    Music for that vid made me want to take a sharp, boney skinny model like a pencil and use her to poke my eyes out…

  16. MandaT1980 says:

    The absurdity of the poses models use is what the artist was trying to point out. If “normal” people do this, it is looked upon as strange and disturbing, but when someone in a print ad does it, we’re supposed to think it is glamorous(??). However, there’s a greater subtext here, and that is media literacy. The artist is trying to get you to think about the poses and what they look like in an everyday context, and that we aren’t all supposed to look like models. For example, the lady laying in the garden looked like she was hurt. Victimization imagery is used a lot in high fashion ads, as is sexualization (like the woman with the pose that made her look like she was sticking out her boobs more or the woman with her mouth agape and her fingers stuck in her mouth). The woman in the McDonalds was supposed to look absent, which to some would be seen as dehumanizing. The artist just wants you to see the poses for what they are: ridiculous and unrealistic, and sometimes harmful.

    And honestly, the lady with the short dark hair and the coral colored shirt rocked it. I think she could be a plus-size model!

  17. Emily says:

    Life imitates art?? Great idea, so funny and clever. I love art of the fashion world and am pleased it is changing for the better (a bit) but needs a lot of work finding real models so good on you for tackling a great issue creating awareness without being pretentious :)

  18. Vicki Johnson says:

    You know if you turned that sound UP just a little louder, we wouldn’t be able to hear ANY of the dialouge !!

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