Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis prank unsuspecting IKEA customers, trapping them in a store display

December 5, 2013 | By Rob Toledo | 3 comments

For those of you who have felt trapped in an eternal prison anytime you walk into an IKEA, be warned, this video might be your worst nightmare.

Pranksters Ylvis, the genius jokers behind “What Does the Fox Say?“, manipulate a store display to trap a couple inside an IKEA “apartment,” ultimately making them wonder just how they found themselves stuck with no way out. (But, hey, at least they’ll be comfortable.)

Rob Toledo

Rob is a stereotypical Seattleite who loves coffee, technology, music, and complaining about the rain. He's always happy to chat about the next big thing on the internet.

He also runs a movie and TV blog, The Best of Netflix.

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