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Not a smart way to watch an archery competition

Feb 10, 2013 By Abraham

This crowd is apparently very trusting of this archer’s aim…

From The Atlantic

Afghans gather to watch as a man participates in a traditional archery match in Ghazni city.


  1. Pspaughtamus says:

    tada-dum, tada-dum, tada-dum-dum-dum…

    And, yeah, Rick nailed it.

    Tangent: They say you can tell a person is a true intellectual if they can hear The William Tell Overture, and NOT think of The Lone Ranger.

  2. Jamey Bagron says:

    Innovations in archery made by other such groups generated another iconic image associated with the face of the barbarian: that of the mounted archer. The invention of composite, recurve short bows allowed for a level of maneuverability previously unseen, giving these “barbarian” groups the ability to shoot from horseback with devastating results.`-,`

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