NPR’s simple but brilliant April Fools prank on overconfident, hypocritical “readers”

By Abraham Piper

NPR’s prank this past Tuesday took a creative mind to come up with, but it was so simple it probably only took about 10 minutes to execute. They simply wrote an article titled “Why Doesn’t America Read Anymore.” You may have seen it floating around Facebook.

But here’s the twist: It wasn’t a real article…

NPR April Fools Day Comments - 03

After publishing the “article,” they posted it to Facebook

NPR April Fools Day Comments - 04

…and the earnest comments of hundreds bemoaning the state of America’s lack of reading began pouring in, proving that these would-be saviors of the American intellect didn’t even read the article they were commenting on…

NPR April Fools Day Comments - 01

NPR April Fools Day Comments - 02

(via Gawker)

Good times, NPR. Thank you.