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NPR’s simple but brilliant April Fools prank on overconfident, hypocritical “readers”

Apr 4, 2014 By Abraham

NPR’s prank this past Tuesday took a creative mind to come up with, but it was so simple it probably only took about 10 minutes to execute.¬†They simply wrote an article titled “Why Doesn’t America Read Anymore.” You may have seen it floating around Facebook.

But here’s the twist: It wasn’t a real article…

NPR April Fools Day Comments - 03

After publishing the “article,” they posted it to Facebook

NPR April Fools Day Comments - 04

…and the earnest comments of hundreds bemoaning the state of America’s lack of reading began pouring in, proving that these would-be saviors of the American intellect didn’t even read the article they were commenting on…

NPR April Fools Day Comments - 01

NPR April Fools Day Comments - 02

(via Gawker)

Good times, NPR. Thank you.


  1. Carl says:

    This is beautiful. (Of course.. I was very careful to read this one a few times… to make sure I wasn’t doing the same thing)

  2. sianatas says:

    I read (ok, skimmed) an article that said that people are more likely to share articles they haven’t completely read than the ones they have read all the way through.