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NY home comes with a shirtless man pre-installed on the living room couch.

Jun 8, 2011 By Abraham

No, seriously. It does. Check out the listing. “Multi unit home in great condition. Long time tenants…”

First, you’re all… Hmmm. Yeah. This place has potential…

Picture of a decent looking home from the outside. Picture of a decent looking backyard.

Then you’re like… Ummm. Did the agent’s 3-year-old take these pictures?

Extremely blurry picture of a kitchen Picture of a bathroom wall and half of the toilet.

But then, kaBLAM, shirtless dude on the couch…

Picture of the living room. A guy in jeans and no shirt is on the couch. Also a chihuahua.


(via Curbed)


  1. Barb says:

    I think I’ll get me one of them there park benches for my livin’ room!!! The shirtless man left the seat up…..

  2. Beth Nordquist says:

    We actually had this happen when house hunting, only it was an older shirtless man sprawled on the couch watching TV.

    Then there was the house where we found a roughly 10 y.o. boy who was home alone and who followed us, scowling, through the whole walk through.

  3. Samantha says:

    That is so funny! When I was in college looking at rentals we walked into a house full of mostly sleeping guys, a couple looked up and said “heeeeyyy”…one guy was getting…busy. Yeah, we didn’t rent that house.

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