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Old folks recreate portraits of their younger selves [32 pictures]

Mar 11, 2013 By Abraham

For her series “Identities,” Ana Oliveira photographed elderly subjects sitting in settings and poses similar to pictures of themselves when they were young. The result, of course, is a sort of before-and-after, showing the effects of decades of life…

(via PetaPixel)


  1. morgan says:

    The second picture and the last picture are of the same older woman, but have different ladies in the “before” photos. Not so much, huh?

      1. Morgan says:

        The woman in the garden has light hair, and is caucasian, and the woman in the wedding dress on the bottom has dark hair and is obviously not caucasian….how do they look even remotely similar? The blonde has broad shoulders, and is tall, where the dark haired woman is very petite….

        1. Vera says:

          They are the same. In the first picture, she is just older, with a lot of gray hair and she is heavier, compared to her wedding day, where her hair is darker and she is thinner.

        2. Juliet says:

          How is the young woman in the last photo “obviously not caucasian”?
          And how can you tell the younger woman in the second photo is “tall,” when there’s no other person to compare her to other than the older version, and she might be wearing high heels?

    1. Anna says:

      And the young man in the military uniform and older man are the same guy from the last photo. I’m pretty sure all of these people are the correct older younger versions.

    2. Juliet says:

      The older woman in the second photo and in the last photo are wearing the same thing, and do look like the same person. the fact that the younger versions look different could be due to clothing (the white veil), lighting, or other photographic reasons.

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