One of This Woman's Paintings Sold for $45K — and After You Hear the Artist's Inspirational Story, You'll See Why | 22 Words

One of This Woman’s Paintings Sold for $45K — and After You Hear the Artist’s Inspirational Story, You’ll See Why

By Abi Travis

If you were diagnosed with a debilitating illness today, how do you think you'd spend the rest of your life? It might be tempting to cast your hobbies aside and spend some time feeling a little sorry for yourself. But that's not what Maud Lewis did. She was a Canadian folk artist from Nova Scotia who loved to paint.

Even when she began experiencing immense pain due to an illness, Maud never gave up on her love of painting. Now, there's a new film coming out that tells the remarkable and heroic story of one of Canada's finest artists.


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