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Otters that look like Benedict Cumberbatch, BBC’s Sherlock Holmes

Mar 20, 2012 By Abraham

From Red Scharlach

(via BuzzFeed)


  1. Jay Gunn says:

    other than the expressions, i don’t see much of a resemblance.. *scratches head* still funny though.

    1. Robin says:

      It’s a fandom thing. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sherlock is an otter and Martin Freeman/Watson is a hedgehog. Don’t try to overthink it.

  2. Liss says:

    Aw man, they managed, somehow, to find ugly otters.

    This Cumbersnatch is got to be one of the most hideous men on the face of this earth.

    1. Kristen says:

      He really is fugly… or as my MIL says “homely”. But the otters are still cute and the pictures totally cracked me up, because I’ve always thought he looked otterish. I say he’s fugly, despite the fact that I love the show “Sherlock”, which he is actually very good in. But yeah. Hideous in the face.

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