Packers linebacker Brad Jones tackles 15-year-old who ran on the field

Jan 3, 2012 By Abraham 5

On Sunday, one of the best plays of the Packers/Lions game must have been the 15-year-old kid who ran out onto the field during the second half. After slipping under security’s radar for a few moments, the fan was thrown down by Packer Brad Jones.

In this clip shot from the stands, you can see the incident.

I love that you can see a wily smile on Jones in that first picture and that he did a little dance after the big tackle. Kudos to this kid and Mr. Jones for making a spectacle we can all enjoy.

(via SF Examiner, National Post)

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  1. Stephen says:

    Bit harsh on a 15 year old, although he’s probably proud as anything getting tackled by a pro. And great music choice! Trapped in a Dark Bubble :)

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