Packers QB Aaron Rodgers photobombs 3-year’s worth of team captain pictures

January 27, 2011 | By Abraham | 14 comments

Update: Here’s another awesome photobomb from Aaron Rodgers

* * * * *

For his first 3 years with the Packers, Aaron Rodgers snuck his face into as many team captain pictures as he could. At first it seems coincidental, but it keeps happening…

(Click the image to enlarge.)


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  1. Me says:

    HAHAHHA YA WEIRD – how could the QB, the most prominent position on the field AND off the field (talking directly to coaches constantly, always the center of attention) be in so many pictures?

    JUST THINK A LITTLE – there is nothing amazing or neat about this at all.

    1. Jake says:

      ^lol, did you read the first part of post? These are pictures from during his first three years as an NFL player. He wasn’t the starting QB at the time smart guy.

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