NFL star Tom Brady’s college résumé shows a promising future…in finance

September 18, 2014 | By Joey White | No comments

Tom Brady has been one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks over the course of 15 seasons with the New England Patriots. During the 2000 draft, though, he fell to the 6th round and wasn’t sure if anyone would pick him or if he’d be able to make a team even if he was picked.

So, the University of Michigan alumnus did what most other new college graduates do and created a résumé.

Today, Brady posted that résumé to his Facebook page, giving us a look at a young man ready to take on the world of finance with a fairly straightforward résumé, just with a few experiences that are rather unique…

Tom Bradys Resume

14 food issues that divide us all. Do people really put ketchup on their fries like that?!

September 18, 2014 | By Abraham | 1 comment

There are lots of questions in life where it seems like there are only a couple possible answers — the sort of issues that lead us to say the classic phrase, “There are two types of people…”

Indian online restaurant guide Zomato put together a list of such divisive issues with a focus on food— everything from “Are you a tea or coffee person?” to whether you’re the sort to pay the bill or conveniently duck out to use the restroom when the waiter brings the check.

For most of these, both sides have merit. All except the question of how you eat ketchup with your fries…

Two Types of People - 01

Two Types of People - 03

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