Neil deGrasse Tyson’s incisive and personal perspective on why there are so few black scientists

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At the end of a panel discussion at the Center for Inquiry back in 2009, an audience member asked a loaded question about whether genetics have anything to do with the disparity between men and women in the sciences.

Neil deGrasse Tyson was brave enough to broach the topic and answered it with a comparison. Instead of discussing women in science specifically, he addressed the topic African Americans in science, sharing his own story of having become an astrophysicist and why so few others follow a similar path…

(The video is an hour long, but only the relevant few minutes will play.)

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Pedestrians stumble around in a comical chase of a $20 bill…being pulled on a fishing line

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Anyone seeing a $20 bill on the sidewalk would pick it up. If a breeze swept it up, they’d likely chase after it.

But how long would it take for them to realize the paper money they’re pursuing is actually attached to a fishing line? Let’s find out…

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Adorable 4-year-old comedian and impressionist has the whole internet laughing at her 6-second videos

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Ava is barely in preschool, but she’s taken over Vine with her hilarious impressions, lessons on flirting, and anything else that she thinks will brighten your day. Here are our favorites…

(Click the icon in the upper left corner of each video to turn the sound on…)

How to flirt

High school girl talking to a friend

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Cut the music from Pharrell’s “Happy” video and it’s just a bunch of silly people acting crazy in public

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The music video for the now ubiquitous song “Happy” by Pharrell features, as you probably already know, a bunch of people in varying settings dancing and singing along to the song. How wonderfully goofy these characters are is really drawn out by removing the music from the video (and maybe adding in some creative sound effects)…

Stunned judge and arrested man share a laugh over arrested man’s last name — Cocaine

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Several days ago, a man in Florida with a remarkably apropos name was arrested for drug possession — Edward Cocaine. It is his legal name, and according to him, it always has been. He explains that his grandparents coming over from Greece in the 1920′s chose it as a new family name, since it was an English word that sounded similar to their original surname.

On Wednesday, Cocaine came before Judge Jay Hurley. Hurley was initially speechless at the seemingly smartass moniker, but then he and Cocaine had a good laugh about it…

(via NY Daily News)

A Russian military tank spins donuts in the middle of a Ukrainian street

April 18, 2014 | By Joey White | 1 comment

Sloviansk is a city in Eastern Ukraine that sits in the middle of the conflict between pro-Russian and Ukrainian supporters. Pro-Russia forces took over the city in the last week, further escalating the situation.

With tension running so high, the troops involved don’t have much downtime. These troops found a way to lighten the mood, or assert their position, depending on how you look at it…

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Something’s finally being done to stop vertical video — App shows when you’re filming in portrait mode

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People have been annoyed by vertical videos for years now, and yet the problem doesn’t seem to be going away. But a simple new feature of this week’s Google Camera app update that has everyone cheering might be the beginning of a workable solution.

Now, if you shoot a video without turning your camera to landscape mode, a simple icon displays in the middle of your screen…

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Portraits of Danish children right after ice swimming [5 pictures]

April 17, 2014 | By Abraham | 1 comment

There’s not a lot of warm summertime in Denmark, “so if you want to enjoy the water you have to get used to the cold,” says photographer Daniel Hjorth as he explains his recent project documenting young Danish ice swimmers.

There is a team of children who all regularly get together and jump in frigid water…just because. Most hop in and hop out; others last up to 15 seconds. And then after their brief but brave swims, Hjorth describes…

…they would find their towels and get inside for a hot shower and maybe a cup of tea, but no hot chocolate – the teacher believed that the kids should learn that they didn’t need a reward for ice swimming, that the swimming was the reward itself.

On one visit, Hjorth set up a white background outside and took photos of the kids between getting out of the icy water and getting that warm shower. You get cold just looking at them…

“I don’t look forward to spring because then the ice swimmer season is over.”

– Lily Krambeck, 8

Young Ice Swimmers - 01

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