Canadian Passports Have a Party Hidden in Their Pages. Grab a Black Light and Join In…

Jan 21, 2015 By Abraham 0

There are a variety of ways that official documents can be protected from forgery and one of these is to hide imagery in them only identifiable under certain conditions. Ultraviolet light, for instance.

This is the method that Canada has chosen for their passports. But they’ve gone above and beyond. Not only are there “secret” images in the passports that are only visible under a black light, but these images are downright jubilant.

All Canadians need for a good time is to pull out their passport, turn on their black lights, and start flipping pages…

Before you join the party, under normal light…

Canadian Passports Under a Blacklight - 01

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Successful Hand Models Show Off Their Faces

Jan 20, 2015 By Abraham 0

You’ve almost certainly seen these models before…but you’ve never seen their faces.

They’re world-renowned hand models. Whether on TV, Billboards, online, or in magazines, these are the models showing you lotions, watches, cell phones, and thousands of other products.

And now you get to peek behind the curtain.

To start, here is Guila and her famous hands…

“I stand in for little boys’ hands, so if you see someone playing with a Power Ranger model on TV it’s probably me.”

Faces of Hand Models - 23

This is Adnan…

Faces of Hand Models - 01

…and his hands.

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Are You Ready for Kids? Take This Simple (and Hilarious) Test…

Jan 19, 2015 By Abraham 0

Everybody knows having kids is a major commitment. But until you actually do it, there’s no way to know what exactly this commitment entails… Or is there?

Maybe it is possible to go into parenthood fully aware.

Parenting Pics - 01

Back in 1992, author Colin Falconer compiled a simple collection of tests for childless people to take in order to understand what awaits them should they choose the path of parenthood. A happy kid-free couple can try these simple exercises and they’ll know soon enough if they’re prepared for kids.

We all know that a “simple test” online rarely helps with major life decisions, but this one might be an exception.

Parenting Pics - 05

Are you ready to find out if you should become a parent?

First Up: Preparation for Women

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