Student Who’s Never Played Basketball Shocks Crowd, Nails 4 Shots in a Row for $10,000

Oct 29, 2014 By Joey White 0

This basketball contest seems impossible. Participants have to make four shots in 30 seconds — a layup, free throw, three point, and half court shot.

Oh, and they have to get their own rebounds.

When Tennessee’s Bryan College kicked off their basketball season Monday night with a big rally called the Late Night Roar, the contest was part of the festivities. A $10,000 prize awaited the student who could accomplish the feat, which seems hard enough even if there weren’t a 30-second clock running.

Gustavo Angel Tamayo has never played basketball. The senior gained asylum in England at the age of 6 and grew up there before moving to the U.S. for school. Soccer has always been his favorite sport and he hopes to continue playing professionally after his tenure as the college’s center midfielder is over.

But inexperience on the hardwood didn’t deter Tamayo, nor did the broken finger on his left hand from a soccer injury. The student stepped up and delivered this incredible performance…

He briefly forgot to get the basketball after one shot, he needed a shooter’s roll to make one shot, and the buzzer went off as his last shot fell…but it was all enough to earn him the $10,000 award and an amazing moment nobody in that gym will ever forget.

Woman Records the 108 Catcalls She Gets in One Day on the Streets of New York

Oct 28, 2014 By Joey White 11

When director Rob Bliss‘s girlfriend told him how bad the catcalling was on New York City’s streets, he had to do something about it.

For 10 hours one day, Bliss walked around New York with a backpack that had a camera hidden inside. Following him was actress Shoshana Roberts, who simply walked around the city in jeans and a t-shirt. She faced over 10 incidents of street harrassment per hour over the course of that day.

This condensed video of that day shows what countless women face every day just walking down the street…

22 Panhandlers Whose Witty Signs Prove They Still Have a Sense of Humor

Oct 28, 2014 By Joey White 0

Most signs held by panhandlers say something like, “Down on my luck, anything helps.” Or “Spare change? God bless!” Sometimes they evoke concern from passersby who pass along a few dollars, but mostly they’re ignored.

Then there are these people, whose signs are meant to not only make a few bucks but offer a potential benefactor a laugh as well…

Homeless Signs 21

Homeless Signs 17

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