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Parenthood and hangovers

Dec 17, 2012 By Abraham

From Lunarbaboon


      1. Nobody says:

        The “I can’t have any fun, I have to get on with the CHORE that is being round a child” attitude. Are we that needy of gratitude and recognition that we’ll wring it out of our kids?

        1. Marci says:

          The fun he’s referring to is drinking and I’m taking it as sarcasm (probably should have said remind me not to have “fun” anymore for people like you) because he’s not having any fun at all because of it. The fact that the kid is in the last frame is completely besides the point.

          1. Nobody says:

            Do you reckon? I think there are plenty of parents who, when asked “When was the last time you had any fun?” would screw up their eyes and try to remember the last time they went out drinking.

          2. Marci says:

            I really think you’re making a huge deal out of absolutely nothing but if you insist on being stubborn and think that’s what this comic is about then go right ahead and live in your sad, negative world and remember not to laugh or have any fun yourself.

          3. Stephanie says:

            Marci, I appreciate your point, but I am reminded of a time when my ex-boyfriend was trying to figure out days when he could take his son each week. Of course, he did want to spend time with his son, so he didn’t want him on work days, but he also actually got angry because if he took his child on his days off he would have to stay home with him instead of going out drinking and partying. It was behavior and attitudes like this that made me not want to be with him anymore, and I can totally see “Nobody’s” point about this issue. Unfortunately, my ex-boyfriend’s attitude is far from uncommon, especially among teenaged or early twenty pregnancies.

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