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PBS makes fun of other TV channels with fake reality show ads [5 pics]

May 30, 2013 By Abraham

Thirteen, New York’s PBS affiliate is running a funny series of ads pointing out the depths that other television content has sunk to…

(via Gawker)


  1. Brendt Wayne Waters says:

    “Support quality programming”. Of course, we’ll define “quality”. Because we know so much better than the networks showing wildly successful shows.

    Seriously, there’s plenty to like about PBS, but I wonder how much more support they would get if they dropped the condescension.

    1. asdf says:

      Oh come on, you can’t define quality by something being wildly successful. Are you honestly telling me you rather your children be watching Real World or Jersey Shore than an actually educational show.

      1. Tim M. says:

        Downton Abbey is a British TV series that PBS aired in the state. PBS didn’t create it. You could rent/buy it on DVD and Blu-ray before it ever aired here in the states. It’s also on Netflix. I agree with you that wildly successful does not mean something is of quality. But I also believe that the OP is correct in that PBS is being condescending here. And while I do enjoy quite a bit of their programming, I do not believe they are not the final arbiter of what is quality.

        1. Nate says:

          PBS has a very long history of airing the better BBC productions. Because you can get it through other sources doesn’t detract from the fact that PBS airs them. Most people in the US wouldn’t know that Downton Abbey existed if they hadn’t first broadcast it in the States. The BBC also produces plenty of crap programs that PBS wouldn’t touch so getting the best of what whatever network produces as opposed to the cheapest thing one specific network pulls out of their ass is a plus.

          Nothing wrong with calling out stupid when you see it. Not doing so leads to things like the anti-vax movement or belief in psychics. Pushing back against things that claim to be learning or history or even music which have nothing to do with any of the above is a public service. It’s okay to feel good about yourself for being smarter than the average bear.

  2. Jil says:

    None of these sound like good reality shows… of course, I don’t like reality shows to begin with… but some of them have real possibility as movies or books.

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