People Are Appalled by Vanity Fair's Petty List of New Year's Resolutions for Hillary Clinton | 22 Words

People Are Appalled by Vanity Fair’s Petty List of New Year’s Resolutions for Hillary Clinton

By Abi Travis

As New Year's Eve approaches, people with any sense of self-actualization whatsoever are starting to think about their year-end resolutions. As this dog turd of a year comes to an end (finally), people can't help but hope that they'll be able to do something to make the world better in 2018. The easiest way to do that is by challenging yourself to do better.

However, it appears that Vanity Fair doesn't have any interest in making the world a better place. Instead, the publication thought it'd be simply hilarious to post one of the most condescending videos we may have ever seen.


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