People Cannot Get over Melania Trump's Christmas Selfie | 22 Words

People Cannot Get over Melania Trump’s Christmas Selfie

By Robin Zlotnick

Let us count the ways in which the Trump family has ruined Christmas this year, pa rum pum pum pum.

No wait, there are too many — let us sum up (shout out to Inigo Montoya for the idea). First, no one came to the tree lighting ceremony. Later, after they messed up a whole bunch of other stuff, Christmas in Jesus' actual hometown was canceled because of something Trump said. And yet, Donald has purported over and over that he is the one who has saved Christmas.

Now Christmas is over, but people cannot seem to stop talking about how the Trumps handled it. Specifically, people are interested in the Snapchat selfie that Melania posted on Twitter on Christmas Day. There are so many questions and very few answers. It's clear that Melania Trump tried really hard to make it seem like she was enjoying the Christmas holiday. Did she succeed? Only you can be the judge.


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