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Philosophically scary story

Jul 2, 2013 By Abraham


Philosophically Scary Story


  1. Rick Moranis says:

    Frankly, I think the assertion made in this comic is patently false. You’d experience severe symptoms quickly, and soon thereafter be diagnosed through ct, MRI, or the like. A possible explanation for the reasoning behind this comic is that the author has confused inappropriate social behavior with psychosis, portraying a nonsensical argument as a shocking-but-true discovery of philosophy. Nice try!

  2. Tink says:

    I thought the whole point was meant to be philosophical not scientific – that if the parasite was subtle enough in eroding your personhood you might not notice. But I agree that in reality it would be false. Degenerative brain disorders like Alzheimer’s do lead to a lack of awareness of one’s deficit, but people notice they have Alzheimer’s. The only deficits people never become aware of would be certain deficits that arise due to something sudden, like a stroke. You can theoretically wake up after a stroke with,say left-sided neglect and not realise there are things that you could do/think before that you can’t now – but the reason you never notice is because your brain can get damaged suddenly.

    If anything, real neurology is probably a bit more terrifying than philosophical parasites. But I wouldn’t expect a philosopher to necessarily know that…

  3. OrenP says:

    Not to over read into a joke, but as someone that is doing a PhD in Neuroscience. OF course it can happens. Depends which area is being eaten first. It is called Anosognosia.

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