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Photographer tells his friends he has AIDS, captures their reactions in gripping images [12 pics]

Feb 7, 2014 By Joey

Adrian Chesser’s intensely personal photo series, I Have Something to Tell You, captures 46 of his friends at the moment when they learn that he has been diagnosed with AIDS.

Chesser didn’t tell his friends they were being photographed, as he didn’t want that fact to alter their reaction. The beautiful result is a range of reactions from tears to shock to empathy and more…


Adrian Chesser 1


Adrian Chesser 7


Adrian Chesser 3


Adrian Chesser 5


Adrian Chesser 4


Adrian Chesser 2


Adrian Chesser 6


Adrian Chesser 8


Adrian Chesser 9


Adrian Chesser 10


Adrian Chesser 11


Adrian Chesser 12

See more at Chesser’s site.

(via Huffington Post)


  1. Kris says:

    He has AIDS or HIV? Because there is a big difference. If it was AIDS, it’s likely they already knew he had HIV. If it’s AIDS and no one knew, then it is very dire indeed.

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