Photos of New York City Storefronts Taken 10 Years Apart Show Gentrification and Decay

By Joey


When photographers James and Karla Murray began working on their book, “Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York,” they were simply attempting to show photos of the last family-owned businesses remaining in New York City. However, they quickly realized that as soon they were photographing these shops, they were shutting down, only to be replaced by corporate businesses or simply left to fall apart.

Ten years after the initial photos for the book were taken, the Murrays returned to many of these locations to photograph what is in place today, revealing an intriguing and sometimes depressing picture of an ever-changing city…

E 14th St & Union Square W, Union Square

NYC Gentrification - 01

NYC Gentrification - 01 - Version 2

Grand St & Ludlow Street, Lower East Side

NYC Gentrification - 02

NYC Gentrification - 02 - Version 2

2nd Ave & 10th St, East Village

NYC Gentrification - 03

NYC Gentrification - 03 - Version 2