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Photos of a dog sticking its head out the car window at increasing speeds

Aug 23, 2011 By Abraham

(via Reddit, Whatevs)


    1. JFC says:

      I love how there’s always like a layer in comments sections where the cries of “ANIMAL ABUSE!11!11!ONE!” start pouring in for posts like this.

    1. Miles P. Hora says:

      120 kmh comes out to merely 74.6 miles per hour, which is much, much safer than taking pictures while driving at 120 miles per hour.

  1. Alana says:

    Very cute, but also dangerous. There’s a reason motorcyclists are recommended to have full-face helmets, and you will never see a (smart) motorist wearing anything less than full-coverage sunglasses. It’s not so that you can see through the wind, though it certainly helps. When you are driving at any speed, getting hit with stuff hurts! Imagine taking a bumblebee to the eye at 120km/h. You could be blinded. And you know those rocks that get kicked up sometimes and chip your windshield? Imagine what they would do to someone with their head out the window.

    At speeds around 50-70km/h it’s painful but not too dangerous. Beyond that, though? Keep all body parts within the vehicle at all times.

    1. Sanja Plavsic-Brandt says:

      finally some sense spoken :) although the pictures don’t look forced at all to me, maybe the dog likes it :)

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