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Photos of Ed Harris as John McCain and Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin

Dec 22, 2011 By Abraham

HBO just released the trailer for their upcoming movie Game Change, which tells the story of McCain and Palin’s loss in 2008. Regardless of whether the movie will be worth watching, it’s always kind of interesting to see celebrity actors portraying other contemporary celebrities…

Ed Harris as John McCain…

Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin…

(via Collider)


  1. Donnie says:

    Imagine all the preparation Julianne Moore did for that role. Coloring and reading Dr Suess books, such dedication.

      1. Donnie says:

        Daniel, have you heard her talk about dinosaurs? That and many other things I HAVE heard her say lead me to believe she’s a moron. And the fact that she’s a devout Christian.

        1. Jo says:

          I agreed with you until I heard the part about Christians. Just because some are idiots doesn’t mean all are. And I’m not going to even go into the whole religous vs atheist thing…

          1. Ciaran says:

            You’re right. She is a moron. That said I was religious and am not now. I didn’t notice a sudden spike in my IQ, ability to read, remember or, well, do anything except skip Mass on a Sunday… It’s a silly idea and my fellow atheists should look to the idiots in our own ranks for proof of that.

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