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Pictures of the last 6 presidents before and after their terms

Aug 5, 2011 By Abraham

From CNN

For Obama, it’s more of a then-&-now comparison rather than before-&-after, since he isn’t done yet…

(via Geeding)


    1. Bryan says:

      Why is it racist? Because he is black he can’t be parodied at all? Was it racist when Bush was parodied left and right? No.

      1. Alli says:

        Ah. So now it’s called “parody”, eh? Interesting. Perhaps we should flash up a ” Parody” of Obama being hung from a tree, white-hooded ghosts looking on. You know…for Halloween. How droll! See, you can argue it into the ground, come up with erudite -sounding questions and answer them yourself, but you’re still wrong. Racism itself is still wrong. A parody is a parody. Racism is racism. Parody does not equal racism. It never did and it never will.

        1. Bryan says:

          So why is it all of a sudden racism now. It’s called free speech. We earned the right to say what we want about the president and say whatever we want about him. I’m not making an exception because he is black. There were people making fun of Bush every goddamn day. Not a word was ever said. Now he is black and if you so much as disagree with him you are a racist.

          1. Tom1969ca says:


            You’re forgetting that the current definition of a racist is “anyone who disagrees with Obama.”

            Using Redd Foxx as an “after” picture of Obama is not racist; Obama is an early-middle-aged black man, Foxx was an older black man. To portray the President as a monkey, a pig or some other animal (such as has been done endlessly with G.W. Bush and Sarah Palin (to name but two)) could be construed as racist; I don’t really see how comparing a black man to another black man is racist, though…

          2. ElephanTiger says:

            See Bryan, the thing about free speech is you can say something and then someone else can tell you it was racist if they wish.

  1. AnotherLaura says:

    meh. While I’m certain it is a stressful job, I’m not too sure these pictures really say that much. Four to eight years is a long time in the normal aging process anyway, and many of these pictures were taken under vastly different circumstances with regards to lighting, makeup, angle, facial expression,etc.

    1. Ecopol says:

      I noticed that with the lighting and facial expression too. Most of the ‘before’ pictures were smiling while the ‘after’ pictures were serious or sad looking. I was surprised by how much grayer most of them got. I’d noticed that with Obama before too.

      1. eric says:

        Yahoo. Lets re-elect the guy that put the entirety of Goldman Sachs into the whitehouse and then signed an unconstitutional bill surpassing the right to fair trial and allows fir military imprisonment. Not to mention increasing the government debt and bringing our troops home over 3 years after he said he would, yah lets let this guy keep up the great job

  2. KBL says:

    I’ve noticed since I was in HS living outside of DC just how much the Presidents really DO age over the course of their terms. It is more dramatic IRL even than in pictures. I don’t even think these pictures portray it as accurately as I’ve observed. Nixon is another example. It’s not just the time passing, it is indeed the stressful duties & responsibilities, IMHO.

    1. Brad Williams says:

      Are you kidding? It got so stressful for President Carter that he started having to part his hair on the other side! o.O

      Also, I think two-term guys just let themselves go. They don’t have to run for re-election, so they leave out the Grecian hair formula.

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