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Ping pong balls are extremely flammable

Jul 3, 2013 By Abraham

Here’s an idea if you’re short on fireworks but happen to have 2,500 table tennis balls you don’t need…

(via Reddit)


  1. brooke says:

    2,583 … my word. My boys make little ping pong ball bombs all the time, but I’m not sure I’m going to show them this!

    1. Ciarán says:

      Ping pong ball bombs? Is there more to that than just lighting them?

      (I ask as a 37 year old little boy)

  2. David says:

    Cutting these up and wrapping them in foil, I used them as smoke bombs when playing paintball. Not nearly as many are necessary (about 20 for a decent sized distraction or get-away).

  3. cer says:

    This is the same material films for movies were made of in former days. Now imagine a very strong (and hot) light source very close to the film. Movies were dangerous…

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