Pixar got it wrong — Headlights are the eyes of a car

By Abraham Piper

From the article “How Pixar Screwed Up Cartoon Cars for a Generation of Kids” at Jalopnik…

The eyes of anthropomorphized cars are the headlights, not the windshield.

And there’s no exceptions here. Having a cartoon car with the eyes in the windshield is wrong, just wrong. And that includes you, too, Pixar.

The author is willing to grant one rare exception…

I’ll reluctantly give a pass to some very early cartoons about cars — like Tex Avery’s One Cab’s Family — because at that time not all cars had headlights. But that’s it. Everything after that that places eyes in the windshield when there’s a perfectly good pair of headlight eyes there is just doing it wrong.

What do you think? Did Pixar get it wrong?

(via The Presurfer)