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Poignant standoff as protesters resist riot police with mirrors [7 pictures]

Known as the Euromaidan movement, many Ukrainians have been protesting since the government abruptly abandoned plans to sign a trade agreement with the European Union on November 21, 2013. On November 30, riot police cracked down on protesters in a Kiev square, forcing their dispersal.

One month later, on December 30, a group of protesters returned to the square with mirrors, asking the riot police and politicians enabling them, “Who and what are you protecting?”

The unique approach from the protesters resulted in a strange, tense, and thought-provoking standoff…

Protest Mirrors 2

Protest Mirrors 1

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Protest Mirrors 3

Protest Mirrors 4

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Protest Mirrors 5

Protest Mirrors 6

Protest Mirrors 7

(via Boing Boing, Kyiv Post)

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