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Portraits of people who aren’t related but look like each other [6 pictures]

Dec 13, 2012 By Abraham

Photographer François Brunelle has an ongoing project taking pictures of unrelated strangers who happen to look similar to each other…

(via PetaPixel)


        1. kk says:

          Um.. It was used in like 5 episodes. Constantly. Two (or maybe three, I forgot) when Marshall and Lily were considering having a baby at first. That was my first thought as well.

          1. Marci says:

            Read what W replied to me. Just because it’s IN a show doesn’t mean it ORIGINATED in that show. Wouldn’t hurt to look it up before you try to school me with HIMYM trivia.

      1. W says:

        Doppleganger is a word that the English language takes from the German language. It means double goer. As Marci said, not a HIMYM reference, just the use of a good applicable word.

    1. ArgentDawn says:

      I have always thought along the same lines! Ever since I was seven and we moved to Sweden from New Zealand, and there was a kid in my class who could have been the twin brother of an old classmate. Perhaps there really are only so many phenotypes for combinations of genes? I would even go so far as to say that some physical stamps also come with personality traits – you know that stereotypical pudgy-faced, sandy-haired, piggy-eyed, mean kid? He’s always the bully! My personal theories aside, it is fascinating, and I would love to see studies on this.

      1. Marci says:

        I know its not exactly what you’re talking about but you should look up studies about face width/height ration in males predicting aggression. People are able to pick out who is more likely to be aggressive based on their face structure and by just pictures. It only occurs in men though, not women. What makes this so fascinating is that when where angry, and more likely to be aggressive we scrunch up our face increasing the ratio the same way, trying to appear aggressive or menacing.

      2. Aramat says:

        That would totally make sense…maybe we Christians are right about the flood and all descending from Noah and his children’s families. That limits the combos a bit :)

          1. Tara says:

            Jesus Christ, these comments are giving me an aneurysm.

            Noah, are you serious? Just how big was his arc, ya know, to fit the MILLIONS(billions?) of species of animal and insect,etc? Maybe it worked like the Tardis, am I right?

            I never knew that bullies only looked a certain way, really? Like all girls who have a sight impairment are geeks yeah?

            Pseudo science bullshit.

  1. bg says:

    I see a woman who looks exactly like I did in high school on a daily basis. It creeps me out, because we have different voices and clothing styles, but I still can’t stop watching her, and wondering if that’s how I look when I sit that way, stand that way, walk, etc?

  2. Larry says:

    When I was in high school I would always run into a guy that acted like he knew me. He would always call me Ryan and get upset when I would tell him I’m not Ryan. The next school year there was a new student named Ryan who could have been my twin.

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