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Preacher stops his sermon to shut a talker up, is an insincere jerk about it

Feb 7, 2013 By Abraham

(via Bag of Nothing)


  1. Lisa says:

    It’s jerks like this that make all of Christianity look bad. His cheesy smile and “I still love you. Amen.” does nothing to soften his behavior, either. Like Doug said above, I wonder how many second time visitors they get, but also wonder how many stopped coming after this. The pastor of my church is NOTHING like this guy. We once had a guy fall asleep in church and start snoring–loudly. Pastor Joel, and most of the congragation, couldn’t help but softly laugh, so finally Joel told someone near the man the just gently nudge him and not make a big deal out of it. The man woke up and Joel went on preaching.

    For the non-believers who have had bad experiences with people like this jerk, please know that not all Christians seek to judge and condemn others. We truly seek to know God and His desires for us, but we love our non-believing friends and family with all our hearts.

    1. EagleoftheNorth says:

      Yeah, my dad is a pastor. I’ve never seen anything like this guy before. I really can’t understand his harshness, not to mention downright unchristian rudeness. Hard to believe.

      1. james says:

        and the talkers unchristian rudeness to talk while the word of god is being spoken, that is ungodly, self righteous, selfish, rude behavior. his talking was obviously distracting the preacher, and was probably distracting those around the talker. it may have been nicer to pull him aside after the sermon and talk to him about it, but considering how he had to tell him to stop multiple times i doubt he would have stopped doig it, it was just downright disrespectful. im not even a christian and i see this.

        1. Smarter than you says:

          Since when did GOD talk about a bankrupt cheese maker in Chicago? It was merely the word of a self righteous, egotistical windbag using god as an excuse to put HIMSELF on a pedestal, that was being talked through.

          1. Smarter than you too says:

            Seems to me like you’re the self righteous, egotistical windbag here, judging the quality of the speaker with the couple seconds of sermon you heard. Maybe you should go to church more often, because you seem like you need it.

          2. Marci says:

            To smarter than you too:
            So it’s alright for everyone to judge the talker even though we don’t know what they were saying or the situation they were in, but its NOT ok to judge the pastor who was completely disrespectful to a member of his congregation?
            And PLEASE do not tell people they should go to church. What about this video would make anyone want to go to church?? Do you not understand that videos like this and comments like YOURS are exactly what is turning so many people off to the idea of church and Christians?

        2. Marci says:

          Except you have no idea what the other guy was talking about. Neither nor the preacher knows whether it was a family emergency or something else. The preacher needs to get over himself and give respect if he wants to get any respect back.

  2. bryan says:

    Wow. So much could be said…

    I wonder if he ever finished his story about the guy in the cheese business?

    “Stop interrupting me when I’m preaching ( I mean telling a story)!!”

    And I hope he’s not at Hyle Anderson’s school too… but that’s just me.


  3. Emma says:

    I think speaking during a sermon is soooo rude. I applaud the preacher calling him out. I think he was assertive, brief and not overly harsh. He’s protecting God’s word. If you want to have a chit chat you might want to that somewhere else.

    1. hillenblog says:


      He was telling a story about a man in the cheese business.

      The talker deserved what he got…anyone that went to that church more than once..deserves it.

    2. Brian says:

      A friend of mine in high school was yelled at in a similar way from the pulpit for speaking during the sermon, what the preacher did not know was that her contact had something in it which caused her eye to feel like it was on fire. Looks can be deceiving. Being “slow to wrath” is still a qualification for elders.

  4. Tom says:

    As a preacher, I gotta say, there are loads of legit reasons why someone might have to lean over to a friend and say a couple of words, and that ain’t a problem.

    But, when someone is having a full out convo whil your speaking, boy is that off putting, rude and hard to understand, and it happens way too often.

    I’d never react like this guy, it does come off a little ungracious, and the ‘alter’ stuff is silly but we don’t know the nature of the guys ‘Talking’

    If it was a visitor I would almost certainly say nothing, But if it was a regular I would try to get eye contact with either person in the convo and let it linger, usually does the trick…

  5. PS3Gamer says:

    1) In Jesus’ time the religious “preachers” of his day were the ones that had him executed.
    2) He went into the temple (church) and overthrew money-changers tables (businessmen) just before they decided to execute him.
    3) In Communist countries the preachers were the ones that most of the time informed the secret police of truly dedicated Christians. Then the Christians, from their congregation, would be routinely imprisoned/tortured/executed.
    4) In America today pastors and preachers are like “sheep” on the outside but inside are “ravenous wolves” as Jesus said beware of. He said many teachers would come in his name, but would not be truly of him.
    5) Many times in America preachers are exposed to be frauds. They are set in there positions by the governing bodies. This is similar to how the communist pastors get there. Businesses send a person into a church leadership position to better themselves through the constant guilt-trip that the pastors/preachers send about not tithing.

    In conclusion, most of the pastors/preachers today in America (hopefully not all) are really just wolves looking for their next meal. Anyone with a heart that loves the one, true God of the Bible looks at these men in pure disgust. I know because I am one of them.

    1. pbeardtn says:


      I would not say “most” preachers are wolves. I’d like to think that “most” preachers are sincere. Of the many pastors (about 50) I know personally I’d say a good 90% are humble, faithful and loving men. Of the 10% that are not I’d still say for the most part they are at least sincere. Maybe 1 out of 100 are true wolves, and they happen to get more press. Furthermore many preachers are bi-vocational. You have to make a lot of sacrifices to be a bi-vocational minister, and keeping your foot in the “real world” helps to promote humility.

  6. Spencer says:

    What if the guy was simply saying ‘amen’? Some preachers put the “bully” in bully pulpit. However, it does not communicate the compassion of Christ, this preacher’s sermon must have been pretty boring.

  7. Courtney says:

    I am honestly surprised that nobody has commented on the fact that people cheered each time the preacher scolded the man. That tells me that either the man was being extremely distracting, or that this equally disrespectful preacher has convinced far too many people that “do unto others” is apparently a thing of the past. Sure, the talker might have been disruptive, but the preacher yelling at him and being a blatant asshole, and then actually being praised for it, makes me never want to attend this church..not only for the actions of the preacher, but also for the equal actions of the parishioners. That type of atmosphere is more distracting and not conducive to worship than one man talking is.

    1. Jaffa says:

      i was thinking the same thing … the problem is the congregation think that whatever the preacher says is straight from God which is not true … it is part of the congregations duty in my opinion to test everything any preacher says test it against what the Bible says and talk to him if he is out of line or else you will end up with people like this… if i was ever in a place where a preacher did that i would walk out and any person who knows the Bible even a little bit i would expect the same …. and i have walked out of services because of things ministers say that are in obvious conflict with the Word!!!

  8. GigiEtAl says:

    someone needs to make a list of “DO NOT ATTEND” churches along with their reasoning behind it. i will never ever go to a christain church again in my life because of the way i’ve been treated at too many. last one, i was asked to leave! then told i could attend ”but would not be welcomed.”

    christ-like, huh? FBC, Dubuque Iowa. Tim Bees, head butthead in charge.

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