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Pregnant spider explodes with babies when it gets squashed

Jan 18, 2012 By Abraham

In this video, a guy kills a pregnant spider with a spatula. Fortunately for him and his home, he was prepared for the terrifying result — The instantaneous appearance of an army of baby spiders.

This is chill-inducing. Don’t watch it and get mad at me, arachnophobes… You’ve been warned.


(via Voices)


  1. Jeff says:

    I hate spiders with a passion. No matter how much you washed and sanitized and boiled that spatula I would never use it again.

  2. Beth N. says:

    This did kind of bug me (no pun intended), not because it was creepy, but because, as far as I know, spiders lay eggs, they don’t give birth to live young. The best theory I’ve been able to dig up is that this was actually a wolf spider with her babies on her back. (That would also explain why the attacker appeared to be prepared for this eventuality.)

    1. Bec says:

      Ditto. I’ve had several of these in my house and yes, it’s a wolf spider with babies on board. When you kill or spray them all the babies jump off and run for cover. Scary if you hate spiders, but really amazing to the rest of us. ;)

    2. Rachel says:

      I saw something very similar near High Wycombe, England, 6 months ago. A friend’s little boy stood on a spider and babies scattered everywhere.

      Pretty sure we don’t get wolf spiders in this country but could be wrong.

    3. Gin says:

      actually huntsman spiders do get “pregnant” the video here was disabled so I didn’t see it but I’d guess that unless you saw a big egg sac or the babies on the spider before it got smacked that it’s a high possibility of being a huntsman spider. I had a friend that smacked one because she was afraid and tons of babies exploded out and there were no babies on it before she smacked it, we looked it up and found out it was a huntsman in that particular case.

  3. Sheana says:

    This is a wolf spider. They carry their babies on their backs and yes the babies go everywhere. I’m speaking from personal experience! I’ve encountered them on several occasions..!

    1. Doug says:

      Sheana is correct. I’ve had the same experience. I encountered one in an apartment breezeway (fortunately, NOT inside my apartment!) that was clearly carrying its babies. Rather than squash her, I thought a good spray of Raid would work better. The babies still managed to spread out in a nearly-10-foot diameter ring before they all died from the spray.

      Awful, awful creatures…

  4. Jen says:

    This has happened to me! I just dropped a flip-flop on what I thought was a “fat” spider. It really was gruesome (but almost like watching a firework in the sky) with my daughter screaming and trying to stomp or spray them. Gack!

  5. Nina says:

    That spider didn’t explode…that kind carries its babies on its back…I deal with them in my house..they are FLIPPING NASTY!

  6. Carrot says:

    Oven cleaner works well… Also something thicker like oil will slow them down and makes killing easier.

    Just remember if it weren’t for spiders much of the world would be overrun by bugs that can be equally disgusting. All part of the circle of life. But if you come into my circle I will KFC your a**.

    1. CKari says:

      lol Exactly. I let them live if I see them outside. But if you come into my home, you are DEAD. No regrets.

  7. Dez says:

    Wolf spider with babies on board. The eggs hatch and they carry the babies around until they are big enough to be on their own. Great survival mechanism.

    Wolf spiders eat roaches. Roaches are grosser than spiders. Wolf spiders leave you alone if you leave them alone. AND they eat roaches. Did I say they eat roaches? Also, they eat roaches, and, if you leave wolf spiders alone, you probably will not have to worry about roaches.

    1. Arika says:

      Although I agree with you, I still wouldn’t want either one in my house. But yeah, I’d prefer the spider, in that case.

    2. Mother of now grown children says:

      Thank you Dez and Phil. So many thoughtless people wonder why their home is infested with disease carrying, stinking roaches, and then go out of their way to kill every spider they see. I taught my kids to just catch a spider with a feather duster and shake them off outside.

    3. Gin says:

      huntsman spiders as well eat roaches. As long as I don’t find a spidey in my bed or on the couch with me they get a free pass.

  8. PhilA says:

    this is Mother Nature at her best – a fantastic defense mechanism that if the parent is attacked/killed then the babies scatter

    the stupid thing is that people kill spiders, while they’re actually incredibly helpful, killing MUCH worse bugs (not to mention the web building kinds catch & eat flies) – I know what I’d rather have around the house, spiders rather than bugs & flies!!!

    1. Sunny ONeill says:

      I was hoping someone would post such a comment. While spiders are creepy lil crawlies, they’re necessary. Regardless, it shouldn’t be entertaining to kill something and, personally, I think there’s something wrong with those who find it otherwise.

  9. alo says:

    Glad this person showed how much of a pussy they were by killing it instead of letting it outside. What a wonderfully long life those babies lived.

  10. Thoughtful says:

    All people can think of is “I hope you didn’t get any of the spray on the camera lens”
    Whatever happened to poor spider?

    Geeez. Just when I think people are almost good they become heartless.

    It’s a wolf spider. Get over it. Put a jar over it and put it outside (or in your enemies yard)

  11. Kathy says:


    1. Tammy says:

      I am scared of spiders, the creep me out BIG TIME! So because of that I was debateing weather I wanted to try and watch it or not! Well, the descision was basicly made for me not to because thee video was removed by YouTube due to Terms of Violation so I was unable to see it. Although, I did continue on to read the comments fromthose of you who did get to see it before it was removed.
      I agree with those who stated they kill spiders when they are in their home. Yes, there’s that wonderful fact that they eat many other bugs/pests, but if I have those in my home-they get killed by me as well!! lol.
      But, I KNEW their may be a few who commented the way you did. Lol. Three words for you-get over it. :/

  12. CKari says:

    Oh my goodness, this happened to me yesterday! I was so incredibly freaked out and disusted–I killed the spider and was NOT expecting that to happen. It was traumatizing. Thankfully it was a friend’s house, not mine, so I can pretend that nothing like that would ever be in my house.

  13. Savvy says:

    Logically, I understand that spiders perform a valuable function, and probably keep me safer for it. Unfortunately, the definition of phobia is: “a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.” Note the word irrational. I can’t even sleep if I think a spider is loose in my room.

  14. Idiot says:

    You idiot, what’s so difficult in getting the spider on a piece of newspaper and bringing it outside… saved yourself the mess and paranoia you get in having baby spiders running all over yourself and into your mouth/nostrils or any other orifices you have at night. Spiders are good creatures, they help keep all your other pests, flies etc away/reduce them at least !

  15. tiffany says:

    So I was watching arachnophobia today and remembered an experience I had in Erie PA. I was in my bed room (which was in the basement ) and I saw this BIG GRAY SPIDER. Although I am not afraid of them and usually let them be as they kill many bugs (ESPECIALLY when u live in the sticks) my boyfriend t the time was TERRIFIED so I stepped on it and THOUSANDS of babies jumped off it’s back. This was about 15 yrs ago and to this day I am still TERRIFIED of that spider! So thanks for the input upon research today I have found out that it was a Wolf spider. Does anyone know y they’re called that? And how venomous is their bite in case I EVER come across one again?

    1. Gin says:

      not harmful to humans. To be honest they are more afraid of humans than we are of them as a rule. I can’t blame someone really for killing them if they are in the house, though I only do if I catch them where I sit, on my kitchen counters, or where i sleep. Spiders eat bugs I hate bugs more than I worry about spiders :)

  16. Jake says:

    Cowards! For every spider you DO see in your house there are dozens you DON’T see. So don’t stay thinking you are doing yourselves a favor every tome you kill one measly spider. A vast majority of spiders are absolutely harmless anyways. So grow a pair….you all sound like 4 year old little girls!

    1. Josiphina says:

      Shut up dude, everyone is afraid of something!!! I am terrified of those things, and did u know that they cold KILL u!! They once killed my dearest friend, Sydney … I swear. So I think those bastards are monsters!!!

  17. Josiphina says:

    I have been scared of all sorts of bugs… There are lots of bugs invading my room, they are
    Weird looking, kinda fat, and scary. It bites, and u don’t wanna know how I figured it out. Here is the story: I walked into my room, happy to see its painted glory, but right I the corner of my eye, was the same bug I have been killing over and over and Over and over and over and over again. Well, I wasn’t the one who were killing them. I was home alone, and I was frozen, the bug was terryfing!!! I fainted, and my mom and dad found me and rushed me to a hospital, I had a fear of bugs. To this day, bugs invade my room, again. Can someone please help me!!!! I want to get rid of em’ !!!

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