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PSA from a real nerd — If you’re tempted to call yourself one, you’re not

Jan 21, 2013 By Abraham

Almost too true to be funny…

(via Tastefully Offensive)


  1. Andrew Horn says:

    Funny, but- I worry this is going to feed into the actual HATE that is happening nowadays towards women who enjoy comic books, SF, etc. You know something? If an attractive, not-always-socially-awkward person likes what I like, has enthusiasm towards it, and wants to be called a nerd- how does that hurt me?

    1. Ryan says:

      I think that this is less of a commentary on the (surprisingly small but overly vocal) anti-feminism in nerd/gaming culture, and more of a poke at the recent surge in geek-chic culture, of the guys and girls both who buy a doctor who shirt and big fake glasses to appear nerdy. A poke from the people who got beat up in high school for bringing magic cards to school or talking about final fantasy at the lunch table. I know several lady-nerds, and i’ve never doubted their nerd credentials, but I’ve met a lot more faux-nerds (guys and girls) in the last 2 years who don’t know a thing about the culture they claim to be a part of.

      1. Caustic says:

        exactly this. remember when other lunch tables would throw stuff at yours because you were talking about anime, or other kids would walk over and scatter you and your friend’s cards in the middle of a game? yeah, it happened to me too.

      2. Aeon says:

        Every time someone speaks out against faux nerds like this, someone always tries to paint it as an anti feminist rant.

        1. Cheryl says:

          That the only faux nerd featured was a female and the only example of a faux nerd he gives is a “sexy girl who went and saw a second week screening of ‘The Avengers'”. Whether or not there was an intentional ‘shame on Fake Geek Girls’ thing going on or not, that only women were featured as faux nerds is a problem.

    2. Cheryl says:

      I agree. I picked up a ‘cred check the Fake Geek Girls’ vibe coming off of this, and regardless of if that was what was intended or not, there are those who will take it as supporting the belief that women who express an interest in nerdy/geeky things aren’t ‘real’ nerds/geeks.

  2. Doughboy1917 says:

    “Almost too true to be funny…”

    It’s supposed to be funny? I didn’t laugh. I know plenty of people just like that guy. Hell, I have a bunch of the same traits.

    1. Eleanor says:

      Yes, it was supposed to be funny. Portlandia is a comedy. Also, “The More You Nerd” is pretty clearly a joke.

      But no, I don’t think it was intended to make fun of the guy featured in the video.

  3. Cpgeek says:

    I’m a nerd and I own it. I’m proud to be a “real nerd” – i’ve got plenty of nerd cred under my belt – I still watch all forms of star trek, love me some doctor who – love ripping apart computers and optimizing them for fun and profit, if I hear D&D, I reach into my pocket, pull out a pouch of holding, pour my stainless steel precision gaming polyhedrals into my hand and prepare to battle the darkness! I go to lan parties, I constantly compare the merits of operating systems that normal people have never heard of, I listen to beefy, mc frontalot, paul and storm, and mc lars.

    I like these these things about me. and it doesn’t make me anti-social – I’ve made quite a few real life friends that i actually hang out with regularly because of it. I’ve been to gaming and scifi conventions with tens of THOUSANDS of other people. I even have a great relationship with a woman who finds me sexy, interesting, and worth while.

    being a nerd isn’t something to be ashamed of – I am a nerd, and i’m happy with that. so if you’re a nerd like me, stand up, find some kindred spirits, and have some nerd pride! you’re not alone.

    tl;dr: fuck you: I’m awesome, and so are you!


  4. Cheryl says:

    Who the heck is this guy to say who is (not) a ‘real’ nerd? Who died and made him–or anyone else–Official Judge of All Things Nerdy? I wasn’t aware that seeing The Avengers in the second week meant you were unable to call yourself a nerd. Or is it the fact the girl he mentioned is sexy that disqualifies her from calling herself a nerd, and not the fact she saw The Avengers the second week, or is it both that she’s sexy and she saw the movie the second week it was out? If only the Official Judge of All Things Nerdy had said! But that’s okay. She’s sexy, and nerds aren’t sexy–Mr. Official Judge made that clear–so who cares what disqualifies her, exactly. We’ll just mock her for being a Fake Geek Girl and not being good enough to join the club and feel all superior about ourselves, because we are True Nerds and she isn’t.

    To everyone remembering the abuse they suffered in high school: that was in high school. Yes, it sucked. You were teased, harassed, bullied, given shit about your interests and not being cool, and some of you were beat up. I was never beat up but I was teased and had very few friends. Card games that were ruined by douchecanoes scattering the cards? Not the end of the world. Being teased and harassed? Yeah, that shit does a number on your self-esteem and self-image and can take years to recover from and get over (been there, struggled with that), but you can’t let the bastards keep you down. People giving you shit because you were a nerd? Hopefully you’re at a point now where you recognize that being someone who’s intelligent is nothing to be ashamed of, and who gives a shit if someone doesn’t like what you’re interested in? That’s their problem and like it matters of they don’t think what you like is ‘cool’. Hopefully you’re mature enough by now to be over wanting to be ‘cool’ and friends with the ‘right people’ and caring about what others think so you can fit in. WHAT HAPPENED IN HIGH SCHOOL DOES NOT MATTER ANYMORE, so why are you bringing it up? Seriously, get over it.

    1. Cheryl says:

      Totally ignore the second paragraph of the above post. I misunderstood the context of a few comments and have no way to edit what I said. Feeling rather foolish right now.

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